Friday, June 29, 2012

Now that I'm 20. I have my own Perspectives.

We live in a country where 99% of students wish to take a dive into one field when rest of the fields are at free flow.

This is Just like catching the very 1st compartment of the Suburbs in Chennai Central where you can find it packed with passengers all the time even when the other compartments are totally empty.

"Now that I'm 20. I have my own Perspectives" is from the bottom of my heart where adolescents are totally messed up on deciding what they actually need in their life.

My parents brought me up very carefully hoping that i do get settled in good position one day. Every parents do so to their kids just like my parents do. They have their own ideas of turning or tuning their kids to become Doctor's, Engineers, IAS so and so. But most of them don't even bother to ask what you want to do?? I let out a huge sigh here. 

In the process of becoming an Engineer or Doctor we are supposed to seal a clean 70+ Percentage and also clearing the entrance exams of getting into that particular field. (Those exams are totally Insane)

After donating as well as depositing loads of (I mean lack's s of money) in the Institution we are left with no escape than getting hard kicks from college for 4 years course duration.

Here comes the Real Stupidity at Colleges : How hard do you believe that Professors or Faculties in Engg. Colleges deserve to teach you the subjects???

Hardly I can say not even 50% of them deserve the plot. Instead they dump us for not scoring good marks in their subjects.

While parents at home will be all happy as their mission will be executed in just 4 years from now. Yep!! 4 years from now your caring kid will go mad if he really had something to do in life.

I have come across some parents during PTA. where they don't even know what their kids are capable of.

About 70% of my colleagues including me said " I joined Engineering Accidentally" at Infosys on an Industrial Visit. 

Blunder lines used by people around me : "Study well You will Have Bright Future"

I still wonder is there no other field other than Education??  Do people not respect you unless you become an IT Professional or Doctor???  One Heck of the words i come across all the day.

After all it's my life and i have my plans chipped in.

Parents do get worried bout their kids future. But we worry more than you do, Coz it's my life going into the dustbin if anything goes wrong.  So my appeal to all Parents and Faculty's out there is to give us a chance. Don't we have a right to try something we like to??

There are hell lot of opportunities pouring in for Young talent. The only thing parents have to do is "Know What your kid is good for" Train him. Protect him. Guide Him.

Then, He does the Rest.. 

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  1. Hi, my dear brother the things all u mentioned is perfectly correct..But think once after ur +2 did u hav any clear picture of what u wanna do ???
    Did u ever hav a talk with parents that this is in my mind n I hav this plan to do...please give me some time for that...

    Did u ever tried to convince them ?????


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