Monday, July 23, 2012

Doodling My Mind.

I'm no where in this world without these people. They Turned as well as Tuned me up completely. This is why I feel comfort enough these days.   

After losing my plot completely in the Academics. I came across a period of Uncertainty in my life. Where I feared of ending up as a failure. And more importantly I was totally fed up by the way the Indian Education System works. I mean it sucks really.

I don't know why Chetan Bhagat pushed him out of Banking Investment Business. But he played Initiator role in my life which took me to a level higher. Started reading his 2nd fiction "One Night @ The Call Center". My first Fiction read. I'm happy to count that It took me 6 days to complete my 1st Fiction. Later on Started with "Two States" It just took me 2 days. I Still wonder about that. I then Slowly got used to Fictions of Chetan and mastered all his books in less time.

And here comes -------> Preeti Shenoy. (She is the one lady who Inspired me lot by her Writings) The way she writes is just Mind Blowing.!! :)

The cover photo of "Life is What You Make It" itself says it all. And I suggested all my friends to take a read. Some Did that. Even though I lost Quite a few pages in the book I got delivered from Flipkart. I managed to borrowed a book from my friend and got to know what I missed in my copy. Impressed with the way she writes. Done with her 1st Non-Fiction "34 Bubble Gums and Candies"  Luved it all the way. My Best Pic will be "The Uninvited Visitor" You will know it if you have already read that.

I learned a lot from this one. Reading Fictions became as a routine in my life. So I have to start something new here on. And looking out desperately what can I do??? And Then I came to know about the Blogger. Where you can post your views. Seeing people doing it for the last 10 years. I thought It's never too late for me to start. And I started Blogging. Since then I successfully published 6 posts. Which caught Friends and Professor's Attention at my college. Some Positives as well as Negatives. I accept all.

A Pic of Preeti Shenoy for everyone out there.

Pretty?? Isn't it?? I have a great doubt on why can't author's try in Indian Cinema. Most of the Writers I see these days are super looking when compared to current stars in Movies.

Finally Stopped at Grapevine India. Started with the books of Durjoy Datta and Nikitha Singh who are current Trend setters.

 These people prove it once again the proverb "Pen is mightier than Sword" They make words speak.

 Heights of Photography. -----> Durjoy Datta.

Last but not the least. A Pharmacy Student Trends India wide with her Writings. She too looks Pretty enough.

These are some Really Awesome people I know. Wish I could join them soon. Days to Go. Ways to Improve.

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