Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rail Accidents are Inevitable in India.

30th July 2012. It's a Super Sunday which ended up by costing 33 lives who traveled in S11 Coach of Chennai Bound Tamil Nadu Express. The worst Disaster ever. Rooting from New Delhi to Chennai. It has to cover Andhra Pradesh to Reach Chennai. Not everyday will be ours. This Incident raises whole lot of questions to Govt. as well as Ministry of Indian Railways (Mr. Mukul Roy).

This opens up the contest between Opposition Parties and the UPA Govt. There are Condolences from Both the ends. But Who is responsible for this to happen??

Every time there is an Incident of this kind Govt. Come up with Apologies and end up with Ex-gratia. A 2 lakh is what they put on one life. Is this the same amount they put on themselves If it happens to their close aide?? This is how Indian System works.

After 9 long years a man from T-Congress chips in as a replacement for Mamata when she sworn in as Chief Minister for the State of West Bengal. All I expected is good days are on for Indian Railways. But It's just an Illusion. 

Dinesh Trivedi Came up with a Railway Budget which makes Railway a better way to travel by raising the ticket fare to some reasonable extent. As This Provides safety and Assurance for Passengers. The govt. is no where in this world to accept that and fired him out of the Ministry and got Mukul Roy who is at Shipping Ministry that time.

Things haven't changed from then. It became worse. Led to TN Express Disaster. The Gutted bogie of S11 looks horrifying. Bodies are left un-identified. 

After 4 days Initial Investigation all they can say is we need to sort out things. No exact explanation on how It all happened? One say It's a short circuit and the other say It's a blast. Thank God! If it's proved as a blast the issue will be diverted. (This is how Officials do their Duty) 

That's that's why Accidents in India are Inevitable. Govt. Plays a foul game every time.

Today's Victims are someones. Tomorrow It may be your close ones.  So Think of It and Act according to it. Making or Breaking is up to people to decide. 

With all due Respect I ll advance my chances of posting my views to make a sense around. Just because I don't wish this to happen anymore. Not too many people are aware of things happening around them. So It's time to take a toll on Govt. Raise your voice is all I can Say.  

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