Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Love" Chapter-3

Note: My Apologies for making this post very late. Though I have done writing this post long back I was unable to publish it in the right time. There are obvious reasons for not doing so. I also wanted to mention that our episode "Love" settled at No.1 spot. Beating "The Day I lost my Cool" And the blog stats were rocket speeding. My heartfelt thanks for all your support.

 Okay. One would expect me to be in section "A" but all is not well with me. I had been pushed to section "B" after some internal politics I must say. Being utterly poor at mathematics my mam decided to take on me. I had no other way than waiting for 12 long moths to check with my fortunes back. Days are now going dry. I lost my interest in academics and started struggling hitting the bottom lows. There must be some move on I thought. I gave a gentle push towards sports. That's the only place where I can be myself.

Science fair was on cards then. With 20 days in hand everyone started making their projects with a great interest. Anything other than studies is completely acceptable for me. So I wanted to participate just to create an opportunity so that I can makeup sometime with Anu. Usually I end up watching the preparations and extend some help whomever are in need of. But this time it's different. I'm thinking of my own good these days. I guess the Complan I take daily is working out this way. We are now upgraded from kids to children. Some sort of maturity levels achieved. Similarly society does create an awareness on how to behave at times and all such related stuff.

It's not like the projects that we do in the final semester of our Under Graduation. It's something really very crazy once we take a look back after 15 years. Those card boards, thermocol, sketches, paints and hell lots. The fun was supposed to be at peaks back then. 

Hey! Ankit. Wassup?! Did they assign you any task?! Anu asked.

Yeah. They wanted me to be the Floor In-charge. I lied. 

Basically the duty of the floor In-charge is to monitor the classes and make sure there is no damage done while the science fair is in progress and make a report at the end of the fair. 

I wanted to surprise her with my project. I don't want her to know anything related to my project until it was done. So I kept away from her.

Hey Anu. You know something,  Ankit loves you deeply and so badly. Uttered Ramesh when I'm not around.

Ramesh is so-so friend of mine in the class. Though we have been together since Class 1 I never expected him to create such a damage to my love life. And the consequences that follow will be similar to what we see in Bollywood and Tollywood cinemas.

For God sake I tried to keep away from her all through the Science fair. I'm dying inside for not being able to make some conversation with her after what Ramesh did to me. I actually wanted to kill him at that second. But he is the only source we have when we are in need of cricket score updates. So I can't take the extreme step for my personal reasons.

At the other end Anu is now determined about keeping me away. God! Worst times are on the way. And this is enough for the rest of the guys to celebrate my lost love. And girls giggle at me for no reason.

2 weeks passed by and I can now be the one useless guy in the class with no proper ironed uniform, incomplete notes and with pending home works. Basically teachers always comes first when it comes to scolding kids in front of their parents. Just because they must have been in such situation with their kids. Unless they are not like me in academics. So they take it as their birth right and straight away hit the right pot.

I used to go with her rickshaw in the evening and look for Anu. A single smile is what I expect from her. But she never did that for me. All I do is having a samosa near to her home and get back home with hopes of tomorrow.

End of Chapter-3

Welcome to "Love". In case you are new and do not know what "Love" is all about. Here is the link and you can read all my posts related to "Love" where I end up tagging the titles with Chapters.

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  1. I guess its not a fiction!! waiting 4 next one.... n vry interesting 1!!

    1. Yep!! It's not fiction but some portions are filled with fictional stuff so as to make the post interesting. And thanks for reading!! :) Can I know your name Mr./Ms. Unknown?!


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