Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eyes Speaks.

Well, I had to dive into Google search engine when I was asked to write something about a women. Especially about a 21 year old girl. Huh! Not 21 year old but 21 year young and charming girl who has the ability to drags the attention of majority guys of all ages. 

And coming to describing a girl I'm no Chetan Bhagat, No Ravinder Singh and No Durjoy Datta to master the art of hitting the right button all the time. But I hope I get close to them at some point of time. 

Those two eyes that matters to me. I saw her on Facebook. She looks damn cute. She has a good name. She is now a good friend of mine. And that's all I can say for now. 

I just wanted to unveil the picture to all my readers that kept me struggling constantly for the last 72 hours. I was unable to take my gaze off. I don't know why. But I can't really help it. 

And Voila!!  

Stunning! Isn't it?! 

If you don't find it stunning it's your own problem I feel sorry for your wrong choice. But I loved it with all my heart. 

Those two eye lids having a lot to say and yet looks pretty cool and normal. 
Those two well shaped eyebrows makes me go all mad.
That perfectly crafted nose makes me excited.
That small red bindi on her forehead was simply cute.
Her chirpy talks makes me love her more than everything.
Her pics and covers tells me she loves being trendy.
Her absence makes me nostalgic.
I loved it. I loved it. And I loved it. 

I guess the above lines can be nominated for a poem. I strongly believe this will be the first poem I had ever written in my life. And I don't think it's that bad at all. 

You cannot be Jeet Thayil with the very first attempt. But for now I feel happy for making a debut in this genre too. :D I wish I could write more and better poems hereon.

Note: Do comment your views on my first poem at the space provided below. I really wanted to know if you have anything to say. I would really appreciate your participation. 

Thank you. 


  1. hey... very nice try jay... and the pic is superb..
    Coming to the poem, you have done a really good effort... Its very nice.. But should improve a lot to reach your favourite authors.

    On the whole... LOVED IT.. !!! :)

  2. Simple and descriptive...
    Good attempt :)
    Keep Going jay!!!

  3. hmmm...there is a quote' At the touch of LOVE everyone becomes a poet', is it so Jay??????

    1. Hahaha may be. But yes I'm surprised with the outcome. Those eyes are rolling in my head for the last 48 hrs :)


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