Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Love" Chapter-4

6 months passed by and now I have found myself nowhere. Her memories didn't go away. They were still fresh and so close to my heart. I want to get back to her at any cost. It was those days where social networking hasn't created any kind of remark in India. System with an internet connection is nearly close to a wonder. Land line is the only possible way for me to get her into contact. Mobile phone also seems to be a billion dollar question. So I have no choice left. I finally gathered courage to call her. What if her mother picks the call?! Okay. What if her father picks up the call?! 

Okay. Lets hope nothing of such would happen in the very first attempt. I have to listen to her right now. And that anxiety called her. 

Tring. Tring. Tring. Tri. I waited for sometime to hear the one at the other end. I mastered the art of recognizing Anu's voice in a group of whole. So it's no big deal here. 

"Hello" Whoz this?! Sounded Anu with in her chirpy tone.

Thank god. It's Anu. Not her mother and not her father who picked up the call. Anyway I felt thankful to Sai Baba at that time. Offering coconut at temple this Thursday is now confirmed.

Me: Hey Anu. Ankit here. 

Anu: OUCH!! Ya. What. Tell me?! 

Me: How are yo Anu?! I'm missing your company very badly. Please don't take me wrong. I Have done nothing wrong. 

Anu: So?! What are you going to say now?! Make it short. I have no time. Mum is calling. 

Damn. Why in the world girls always lie the same words repeatedly to every guy?! Saying Mum is calling. Dad is coming?! Why?! Hell ya. 

Me: Okay. I have called you on a purpose. I actually wanted to say that I'm not going to continue in this school anymore. We have now got transferred to some other place in South. So I guess I won't be able to meet you here after. Hardly I have 2 weeks in hand. All I wanted to say is "YOU ARE THE BEST" The time and moments I had with you will be remembered till the last breath. I'm going to miss you. 

There is stun silence for a while. I'm waiting for her to respond. I want her to say something. At least some amount of care for me. 6 years of friendship and all I expect is some amount of affection towards me. 

Anu: Oh!! Where are you going?! And yes. I guess we won't be able to meet here after. You have been good friend to me. I feel sad for you leaving so soon. Hey. Mum calling. Talk to you later. Bye. 

Pch. I'm disappointed. I desperately wanted to get her out of my mind. I hated that moment when she wasn't really concerned about my leaving the city and school. I don't know what was really going on my mind but I'm sure this is going to happen for my own good. I got the train to the land of hopes and dreams. I wanted to achieve something good in life. 


End of Chapter-4

Welcome to "Love". In case you are new and do not know what "Love" is all about. Here is the link and you can read all my posts related to "Love" where I end up tagging the titles with Chapters.

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