Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hello everyone. Good morning/Good Afternoon/And Good evening. For the first time I have decided to open up myself to all my readers in this format. I have been contemplating over the current trend that we live in. When a friend of mine said that I write rubbish in my blog all the time and waste the precious amount of time that I have for now when everyone are worried about the results and placement opportunities. All I do is just write some shit which none cares to have a glare at. He says simply. 

There isn't much to brag about my days in Chennai. Hardly people around me and the ones who catch up with me daily on Facebook realizes that I do nothing other than hanging out with friends to all the new malls which shows up every 6-10months. And yes. They are absolutely right. In addition with endless number of Burgers, Fries and Coke at Mc Donald's. and a few pics that I upload on facebook. And this is what I did for the last 43 months. I regret for wasting much time with all these which makes absolutely no sense.

I realized what I have missed all these years and now I never wanted to miss any of the opportunities that comes my way. And that's how "Literature Fest" came into news. This kind of Literature festivals happens every year at different corners of the Country and the first I heard is of Jaipur LIT Fest. Where the name of Controversial writer Salman Rushide came into news. Some political parties protested not to allow him. I can't possibly pay a visit to Jaipur for the fest. Money factor has its role to play. I remained calm. Waited for such events to happen in Chennai. Thanks for Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook for letting me know what's happening round the world. I came to know the Chennai schedule and set my plans on it. 

The day has arrived and I made my way to Lady Andal School, Chetpet, Chennai. It was far beyond my expectations. The Auditorium has enough capacity and I have found a comfortable push back seat. 

Dramatist Yog Japee and actor Rahul Bose read from 'My Dear Bapu', a selection of letters compiled by former West Bengal Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi. And that was an interesting one if you are a good observer while I'm not. When the exchange of words is happening between Rahul and Japee I have seen people laughing for the humor it has in the on going conversation. I had no clue what's happening there. Though it was going in English I found it extremely difficult to go with the same rhythm. I have lost a bite there. And the following happening left me dumbstruck.


When I was fumbling with the words I saw a guy rushing towards me and pointing his finger to the seat next to me whether it is available or someone is coming. 

Ya you can. I said. 

He closely looks like Varun Agarwal I thought. And I'm sure he is not the man I was thinking about. 
5mins passed by. I still had a feeling that something is going wrong. Who is he beside me.?! I wanted to clarify whether he is from Bangalore?! I gathered some courage to speak to the one next to me. But he turned his gaze away. 

3mins passed. I have logged onto my Facebook profile and when I was flipping through the updates I have found this guy "Varun Agarwal" posting a pic with his friends stating that he was in Chennai for the LIT FEST. 


I had hit the like button in my mobile and turned towards the one next to me and he was looking at the Notifications for the same pic which I had hit the like. With that I have got this man as Varun Agarwal (Author of How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company") 

I have no time to lose. I responded quickly. 

Hey are you Varun Agarwal????! I whispered. 

Yeah. He replied. 

Nice to meet you. I extended my hand. 

And you are supposed to take part in the conversation tomorrow?! Isn't it?! 

Yes. Thank you. He replied politely. 

5mins later he rushed out for attending a call. And I did the same in seconds span to inform my close mates what had just happened. At the end I have managed to get my 2nd copy signed by him and also shared a pic with him on my very poor 1.3 mega pixel camera. First time I felt bad for not having a camera. I wish I would buy a good one very soon. The sessions followed as planned. And that's the end of the day-1 at LIT FOR LIFE 2013.

Panel of experts on Day-1.

Had an Aloo Tikki meal at Mc Donald's City Center and Sub of the Day at Subway. Stuffed enough for dinner too. And back to home by 8 sharp. 

Excited about the Day-2 sessions where Ravinder Singh and Varun Agarwal will take part in two different conversations. Would love to hear more from them. 

If you are in Chennai do pay a visit and know what's happening. These people are too difficult to ignore. 


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