Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions 2013.

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, some make it happen!" 
  Take a read of the above lines once again. The more you read the better you understand. We have those 3 people in our system. And now, let me cover those 3 people in shortest way. 
Resolutions are what people make for every new year and it's highly appreciated that they are ready to allocate sometime for their own goodness on the very first day of a new year or a new chapter what people call it usually. Resolutions differ with people. Some have in common while some have weird ones.  
 Some make it as if it's mandatory to make something on that day. They never mind of looking back at what they have made. They just live the life as it comes. 
Some wish to follow their resolutions. In the sense, They stand tall for the first few months and give up in the middle. Finally they wish it would have happened.  
Some make strong resolutions and stick to those till the last. It's never an easy process to keep going. But they makeup their mind in doing so. They are the ones who eventually end up winning. 
I have been making some resolutions for the last couple years and I must say I have done better achieving the desired targets. Not 100% but at least of 65% 
Coming to Resolutions 2013: 
1. I wanted to be a published Author.
2. Get settled in a Good Job.
3. Will do something good for society. 
4. Will have to keep blogging consistently
5. Reading books as much as I can. 
6. Want to keep my parents happy
I guess it's enough for 2013.  And I don't think all the above resolutions are that difficult except the first one. Really. Never an easy job to write 60,000 words. At least I wanted to make this year as a platform for what makes a good Author. 
Job makes life secure. I will have to face a big battle ahead in the process of job hunting. I want to bag the right one. Something good for the society is what I have never done till date. So I wanted to fill the space. 
Will keep blogging consistently. I know I can do this for sure. Blogging is what makes me feel happy all time. If I make a post a day. I consider that to be a productive day.  
I have seen my parents struggling for the last 21 years. They have done enough to me. Now it's time I need to give them something which makes them feel happy. So accomplishment of the 1st two will certainly makes them so very happy. 
That's it. I have started my day watching Life of PI. My first 3D movie in theaters. Loved it. Do watch it. 


  1. I loved the quote, "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, some make it happen." Even I agree with you. At times our intentions are strong, but we lose sight and have thath laid back attitude. That's the time when we need a push and a little motivation.

    Blogging acts as that motivation. When we share our resolutions with people, we commit ourselves. And I am sure you will succeed.

    All the Best!


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