Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Love" Chapter-1

Okay, Anu was so good at singing. She has participated in many of the regional competitions and won many medals too. I was so darn proud of her. Actually she lives the life to the core. Her commitment towards her activities shows the way how she enjoys doing certain works by her own. She used to hum her favorite songs to me when the class wasn't that interesting. I enjoy being and listening to her with all ears. 

On the other end of the coin I was never involved in any of the events organized by the school management. I hardly speak facing a group holding the mike with trembling hands and shivering legs. At that time all I wanted was to spend time with Anu. She makes me feel complete. Btw I used to actively take part in Sports events. Glad!! I have won limited number of prizes too. Not many compared to Anu. I'm happy for her success. 

 Hey Ankit. Are you coming or not?! Screams Anu on phone. 

Yeah. I will be there by 8:45AM. I replied. 

Okie. Lets meet in the school then. Make sure you have done with Maths home-work. If not just forget about being in the class today. Anu pointed out. 

Damn!! She always sends the warning bells at peaks. I once again failed to complete my home-work. I know all my class-mates are such nerds. They never come to class without doing their works. So I have to take alternative steps to make sure that I complete my work before mam enters the class room. 

Okie. I have done the home-work. I lied. 

We hung up with Bye's. 

 All I planned was to reach the school by 7:30AM and get the notes from one of those nerds and do a copy-paste process. Somehow the plan didn't work. 

As a routine I was looking for her at the main gate. I never miss a day waiting for her. Though I have loads of work to be done. I consider this to be the one that mattered the most. 

Once I see her coming we greet each other.  (We used to exchange Good Morning and Good Nights daily) It feels so special. Basically friends find it very formal to greet each other. But we feel great about such habit. 

Management set rules to be followed. And we are here to break those rules. And I'm quick enough to design a plan to escape the beatings from the maths teacher. 

Here is the plan made in seconds: 

Right after the prayer is done. The students are supposed to go back to their classes in an uninterrupted straight line. We have some leaders in charge who thoroughly monitors the students whether they are perfectly dressed or not. If they are found to be imperfect they are supposed to run the whole ground for 5 times. And I prefer the latter ones. 

The goal is to run the ground 5 times than getting scoldings from the real "night-mare" with Anu around. So to get caught by the in charge I have to overstep my polished shoe repeatedly so that it gives an unpleasant look. Luckily the leaders are smart enough to drag me to the other end. 

There are only 2 places where I love to spend most of my time in the school. One with Anu and the other was in the Ground. I feel so fit running for 5 rounds. Finally the Goal was accomplished and I have made an escape from the maths teacher. 

But I was totally wrong with my calculation. I have miserably failed in timing. My teacher had something in stock for me. The time I enter the class I was clueless.


End of Chapter-1 

Welcome to "Love". In case you are new and do not know what "Love" is all about. Here is the the link and you can read all my posts related to "Love" where I end up tagging the titles with Chapters. 

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  1. wow .. this resembles a story that had happened to u dude :P

  2. nice script dude.... it was totly cool n pleasnt stry...i lyk d way u narrated.... it seems realistic n som tymz i remembrd ma schl n col days....

  3. nice....eager to read what happens next!


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