Monday, December 31, 2012

Playback 2012.

Just like every year 2012 has its own quirks and twits. There wasn't much to speak about this year in particular. It is the same way as the last year was expect the Blogging part. I have started blogging in the second half of 2012 and I'm so very happy about my move. 

Started making a habit of reading books in the end of 2011 and it is now paying off. I can sense some kind of change that took toll on me. I'm now indulged more with books than people around me. I find it wrong some way. I don't want being a nerd. 

My academics took a backseat as usual. When I get to see my friends working real hard on scoring more marks and better percentage all I feel like is it's totally not my cup of coffee. So better I let it go. But that was totally rude to my part. 

I have spent half of the year with books, news, movies and banter with my crew. I must really say that I have watched countless number of movies this year. Thanks to "Abirami" and "Devi Cineplex" for the Zircon quota  specially for candidates like me. 

Mc Donald's happens to be the one restaurant that I visited many a times during the weekends and week days. Thanks to freecharge for the coupons you give back as a complimentary. I have put on some weight by these junk food at Mc Donald's. (Not highly recommended but at times you can) 

July 21, 2012 was one of such days which comes and goes in a minute span. A day at Electronic City Bangalore. (Infosys Indian Head-Quarters) God!! What a day that was. Totally out of the world. 

I have already made a post about the visit to Infosys: 
You can get that here -->

Got rid of a tangled mess that I found myself involved in the year 2010 and I have paid the price for it. Thanks to Ragavi for the compromise. I can never forget you in my life time. To know more you can visit another blog post from me here --> Love that post.

I have made some good friends in Satish Shenoy, Sachin, Swathi Shenoy, Neha, Gayatri, Vaishu Raghavan, Priyanka, Janaga Chumi, Abhilash Ruhela, Gaurav dashputra, and a few more. I may miss some names but I never intend to miss them.

Made a habit of taking part in all the events that comes my way irrespective of winning or losing. I took my chance is what makes me satisfied.

I'm successful in creating an impact about myself that I can do good in a long run. Earlier none used to have great expectations in me. But now they are taking their words back and contemplating. I like it when others struggle to get words to pin me down.

End of the year I'm satisfied with what I have done. But I could have done much better in academics. I felt like losing my plot completely in that. I made my posts speak in most of the cases. May be I have no such guts to get over them. For now, I feel okie with the posts.

2012 will be the one last year of my Student life. I feel a little excited as well as worried for the move. All I wish is to do well in whatsoever the platform that life has in stock for me. I try to give my 100%

Will come up with my New Year resolutions in my next post. Now, make yours. 

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