Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Love" Chapter-2

The moment I reach the backdoor of my class room I saw the maths teacher coming towards me with a smile, patted my back for submitting my work in time even though I wasn't there in the class. I was stunned.

Soon I reached my desk and found Anu nowhere. I rushed to the next section where she used to have some banter with her friends. I failed to find her there as well. Checking through the corridors and the result was the same. She must have gone somewhere without letting me know. I returned back to my desk with no interest in attending the class without her. 

Then I found her friend hinting me that she had submitted her homework by my name and she was now in the staff room writing the same work 10 times as a punishment. OMG!! I was totally taken by surprise. She has the habit of checking my books daily. In case if I missed something in my homework she used to fill the gaps. 

What else can I say about this girl. She is my darling. It may really take another 45mins for her to get back to class. I have to do something really surprising for her. I started contemplating. Hindi period was going on that time. I have poor knowledge as far as Hindi is concerned. My madam used to threaten me with her humorous words in Hindi. I never bothered to laugh at what makes her to consider it to be a joke. I laugh at whatever she says. Now, back to action. I have limited time left to act and I have chosen to sing a fab song for her. I'm all ready. 

She was a little surprised to see me in the class. Her plan was to be back in the class before I could get to know what all had happened. She pretend to be normal. And now its time for Social Studies. My madam used to shout at top her voice to make sure her voice is audible till the last bench. I must say her voice is audible enough to the entire floor. 

Thanks! Is what I whispered to her in the first place. She gave me a smile. Cute one. She looks so good when she smiles. And the next plan was to show her my singing abilities. She burst out into laughter once she heard me singing. How come girls laugh at ones own talent.?! I don't think I'm that bad at singing. But soon realized that compared to trained singers I am way bad. I better be a bathroom singer.

We used to keep talking about all the happenings at home and what their uncles and Aunties brought her from Abroad. And how the singing classes were going on and what plans for the next day. End of the day we indulge in the Ice cream which comes on a kind of cart. It was an absolute bliss having an Ice cream with her. We then move to nearest fancy store where we can get Uncle Chips and Cheetos. It is the time where Uncle Chips and Cheetos were making the best in their respective business. We collect the fun cards that were dropped into those packs. We used to play with all those stuff back then. 

Class VI :

1 day can change the course of your life for the next 12 months. Having a number of 80 per one standard the management has to split the number into 2 sections 40-40 each. The point is that they don't split according to the merit. If they had done that we would certainly land up in the same section. But they pick the students randomly and if any teacher has dislike towards certain student she can refuse to take him/her under her class. Everything went up nicely until my name comes. There was a tie breaker. Will I be in 'A' or 'B'???! Anu settled comfortably in section 'A'.


End of Chapter-2 

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  1. she submitted te hmwork by ur nm uhh..w0w tat was ch0oo swet!!!

  2. this story is making me so nostalgic....:)


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