Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wish List Wednesday's (Week-3)

After missing Week-2 of Wish List Wednesday's I'm back with a bang into week 3. Really Interesting prompt that was. Once again heartfelt thanks to PS for the creative prompt. 

Prompt of the week: The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is..?? 

The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is "Know your worth" Yeah. We have a figure of 1.22 Billion population and we need to accept that we live the life just the way it comes. We never realize what we are capable of and that's the only reason why we (Indians) fail as a unit. 

I always used to contemplate over the number factor in India. India is the only place where there is no scope for Un-Employment. We have enormous sources to get employed. We have vacancies in many areas where we never bothered to take a look at. It's because we never try things different. Majority of Indians wish to snoop around other matters and spend half their life time knowing what others are doing than knowing what they were losing in the first place and that's how they lose their plot. 

There are certain category of people who never take decisions on their own. They just leave the onus on the other person and live according to their instructions leaving their inner voice in absolute darkness. 

 None can judge you better than yourself. You have your own voice and listen to that. Whatsoever the after affects may bring you. You can lift yourself up and achieve what you are here for. Every one are having something uniqueness in them. All it takes is to "know what you are" than snooping into others business. It's none of your business. It's you living your own life for your own good. 

After spending an average of 60 years in this planet one has to create their own impression. Once you realize your importance in this world you are bound to improve in time. Time is limited. Act fast. Make your own mark. 

It's isn't that difficult. Have a cup of coffee, relax on a cushion bag and contemplate over the things you were good at. Make points that suits your nature. Once you were In. It's all yours. Life is Beautiful when you know what you are. 

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