Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Birthdays are only as special as the people who have them. If the person matters to me, then I go all out to make their day special.

17th December was very special according to me. It's my Dad's Birthday. Before I could say anything I must say that I'm running out of words. I have loads to say about him but struggling to find the best words to describe him. 

Today if I'm about to lead a better life its all because of him. He has done everything to shape me in a better way. He always wanted me to be a good human being and lead a happy life. He never expects me to create wonders & sensations. Always wish to be simple and down to earth which is where the real collision starts. 

Over the last 21 years I have seen you leading me all the way and letting me learn what's worth doing and what not. I have learned my part to some extent. I have seen you struggling all your life. We have had our own problems in over taking those. 

HappY BirthdaY Daddy!!

Now If I take a look back at your parenting process I am bewildered to a great extent. You have done beyond your limitations to me. Starting from the way of dressing to Genuine standards in Education. I now realize what I have come across all these years. You never had a criticizing kind of conversation with me when I score poor in academics. Instead you start kidding me for the marks I scored. 

The process of shifting base to Chennai is the one among the best things you have done to me. If I had not been to Chennai I would have been the one among thousands who keeps pondering over the scores that makes no sense in academics. I still remember your words on the term "Marks" It's really tough to capture ones talent on mark basis. Earlier it sounded funny to me. But now I realized.

You always get the best out of worst. That really makes me fascinated. I wish I could be the one like you in terms of looking things in a different way. You have always delivered the best for us. Now that we have grown up its our turn to take the guard and make you feel comfortable after troublesome 47odd years you had all your life. The least I could do is to make you happy for all the effort you have put in. Let me tell you that I will now make a clear idea on "what to do next" which we often end up our discussions late night.

Let me tell you that he cooks pretty well. They are spicy as well as healthy. He always try variety of dishes and tag them with weird names so as to make us feel interesting. We used to have it with great pleasure. If my mom was not around he takes the complete responsibility of kitchen and makes the best out of the available stock. 

You have been through the toughest stage of your life earlier and now it's time we take you to the brighter corner of the life with all colors flying. You are the BESTEST dad ever!! :) 

I have a surprise movie for you lined up. It took me time to get this clipping. 


 Happy Birthday Dad! I love you :)

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