Thursday, December 6, 2012

BirthdaY 21. A Day to Remember.

I used to be head over heels on my childhood birthdays. The only day when everyone calls to greet me and say some few nice words which I always wanted to hear from all the close ones. The actual excitement starts with a kinda "celebrity" feeling for a 24 hour long stretch with chocolates diving over hands and wishes pouring in from all the ages. That's the only reason why everyone will be looking for their birthday to arrive. Where it comes and goes in a flash. 

I'm no exception in that. Now that I'm 21. I have a different take on birthdays. Having said that I'm no longer a teenager now. I'm literally growing day by day. I just wanted to take a look back at my 20 years life which is now a past.

Thanks to social Networking for creating a platform so that people can stay in touch from any corner of the world. At the same time I can say that it can create a great impact with the people who are around you. I'm actually super stunned to see an odd of 90 wishes posted on my time-line yesterday. And the ones who I hardly even known has wished me. And to my surprise the ones who I always have hours of banter at college fails to wish. It gets even worse when they call you and fail to wish. Unfortunately it all has happened to me. I don't point them wrong but all I say is "Relationships" these days aren't that stronger unless there lies a great bonding at both ends. 

Now that everyone owns an account in Facebook. Wishes are just restricted to timelines. Earlier people used to call each other for wishing. But now It's all over. I can see a gradual fall in relationships.

 Highlights of the DaY:

It's always a great pleasure to receive the wishes from very nice people who are making a lot sense with their doings & writings. And I'm fortunate enough to have received wishes from 3 Brilliant Authors of India. 

1. Preeti Shenoy

2. Gaurav Dashputra

3. Anurag Garg. 

And here are the wishes. 

Preeti Shenoy Author of 3 National Best sellers 1. 34 Bubble gums and Candies 2. Life Is What You Make It. 3. Tea for Two and A Piece of Cake. 4. The Secret Wishlist (Out in stores by Dec 14th)

 Gaurav Dashputra Author of "And then It rained."

Anurag Garg Author of "Half baked love story"

Finally Satish Shenoy. The man with whom I work on a secret mission. 

All the above four people made my day with their heartfelt wishes. 

It was indeed a great birthday for me over the last few years and It's my sister turn to make it even more delightful with all surprises. 

A "Brother Mug" which is weight in holding.

And a Pastery!

The Mug and Pastery above are from Google Images. Both the mug and Choco filled pastery looked similar with these images. So I went for better looking one. That must be a cakewalk. 

Had a real good time with my sister "Jyothi" after a long time and we landed up at "White Pepper" for dinner. 

Dim Sum Delicacy Restaurant where we had a starter with Tomato Soup as I failed to identify those yummy roasted bread pieces. After which a butter spilled nons with my all time fav. Paneer Butter Masala in Genuine Chinese pattern. Loved the food all the way :) 

At the end of the day all I felt bad was losing friends in a manner by the evolution of social networking. All I wish is to get back to old golden days where people have a straight talk with people rather than living in the world of gadgets. 

This will be the last birthday where I will be tagged as a Student. By the next b'day I ll be an employee at so and so Org. I have come a long way and it's time to make a move on. Create some impact and set a trademark of my own. Now that I'm "Young" I have a lot more onus. 

Thanks to Riya for showering all the wishes. You words are worth saying. I really liked it. 

Thanks to Parul, Srestha for remembering and wishing me. 

Thanks to Munna Murala (President of Vivekananda Youth Force) for the call and wishes. 

Thanks to Mom & Dad for everything. without you I'm nothing. I've let you down many a times. Just because I've something better in mind than what you actually wanted from me to deliver. Will sure make you feel proud of me one day.


  1. great ... have a great days ahead... hope you long live as a star in the sky ... myself as a friend always with you

  2. owh u getin 21..tatz gud!!
    hepi 2 c tat on ur special day u havin a gr8 day..
    may u never stray 4rm the true path as u continue ur amazing journey..I wish u continuous gud health,more wealth,love n happiness.!!

  3. forget .... to mention the above beautiful words....i will take it that i can be the next one to make you concentrate on me....overall its a good narration my author ...u did a great job...even i wana write a blog (LIKE YOU) but i want to learn how to START it so that i can END it happily...:)


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