Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Till The Last Breath.

The death sentences of the patients in Room No. 509 have been written.

One of them is a brilliant nineteen-year-old medical student, suffering from an incurable, fatal disease hurtling her towards a slow, painful death. She counts every extra breath as a blessing. The other is a wasteful twenty-five-year-old drug addict whose every organ system is slowly shutting down. He can’t wait to get rid of his body--to him, the sooner the better.

Two reputed doctors, fighting their own demons from the past, try everything to keep these two patients alive, even putting their medical licenses at risk.

These last days in the hospital change the two patients, their doctors and all the other people around them in ways they had never fathomed.

Till the Last Breath is a heart-warming story about love, life and friendship that reminds us what it means to be alive.


 When ever you hold a book authored by Durjoy Datta all you can do is to chose a posh bean bag and place yourself comfortably and have a single sitting read. This is what his readers have done with his earlier books. Critics yelled at him for him being very complacent at romantic writings. He remained silent. But now, he came up with a different genre titled "Till The Last Breath" where there is a mix of fun, romance, love, friendship and to the core emotions. 

 Someone can't really make up a book on 2 patients who were about to pass out their last breath. It annoyed me in the first place. But the belief towards his writing and the description made me order the book once it released. 

Dushyant roy, Pihu Malhotra, Arman Kashyap, Kajal Khurana, Zarah Mirza were just amazing with their characters. 

Undoubtedly Pihu Malhotra played the lead role in the story where the kind words and willingness to accept anything that comes her way made me realize what it means to be alive. 

Dushyant being an hard core ass get into troubles and then slowly realizes his wrong doings and come to the fore and creates a great impression among readers.  His Fucking dissatisfaction made some fun in the middle. 

Arman Kashyap being the hero of the day. The proposal and the date has to be the highlight scene.

Kajal Khurana to be in a total mess. Her part is very little when compared to others. 

Zarah Mirza must be happy with her first patient doing reasonably well at last. The first death under is always remembered for years. Unfortunately Dushyant is in safe hands. 

End of character description. 

Durjoy Datta proved the critics that he can write beyond his limitations and the result shows. This was simply stunning. 

At times It made me think of how my last days would be like. Some success in life, having friends around, feeling love, Sobbing, Bliss and passing out when it comes. Just a single life. Live it. Love it. 

"You were the best roommate ever. Now, we're 2-2. Don't waste it." 

I cry.   

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