Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Last Night Dream

“I dreamed about her last night” She is goddamn pretty, beautiful as well as sexy too. Actually I’m not that good at writing romantic lines just because It’s totally a new platform where I need to master later on. But However I take a burl and pen down what my mind says.

 And Voila!!

I do dream a lot from childhood but the last two dreams are never ever the same compared to the rest. It left me into a strange dilemma on why it happened? And how come it happened. Somehow to be frank I liked those two dreams particularly to some extent. The first romantic dream ever I had experienced.

The first dream was just 2 days before yesterday. And all of a sudden when I got up from my bed it felt a bit heavy with the dream. And soon realized that you are the one came who into my dream. :D  

 Let me elaborate it how that started.

I was in an auditorium when I started recording my dream and I have to give out a speech on something nonsense (I don’t remember). And I felt strangely bored with the surroundings. Suddenly I saw you there. And I recognize both of us in a hall where there is a huge bean bag which can Accommodate two. And soon we settled in. Believe or not we were just kissing each other. Just kissing. And I can say lip lock for quite sometime. we are just taking time to count the total number of mins we involved in kissing. After which you suddenly disappeared. 

Can't get better than this ;) 

 My 2nd Dream :

My friend started interrogating me whether did I watch any romantic movies before the night when I got my first dream. The Answer is a simple “No”. It’s been so long since I watched TV properly and not even books I’m involved in. And Still I find it strange to get a dream of this kind which is full packed romance. I used to get dreams on Blogger and Blog posts earlier. Leaving all those aside. I want to get into the 2nd dream.

This time you are at my abode at the night. We are talking about a movie. Surprisingly we stared at each other and felt like doing the same what we have done the other night. Repeating the same process. Kissing. Way better than the last night. I don’t know but wanted to say the desires for something. It’s just kissing happened for the last 2 nights. And I felt like a macho and enjoyed it to the peaks. No guy can lose a girl like you. You are amazing I can say. You resemble a lot with Avantika in “If It’s not Forever” and Annanya Swaminathan in “Two States”. The Two characters I truly loved so far.

This is what happened. And it’s a fiction work. I felt like saying this to you but had fears on how you take it. I can’t take the extreme step of losing you. So, I love you :) 

I hope you are ok? Anger on heels? Going to sue me? Huh! Please don’t do that.

Finally, I made it into the R- Fiction scene. Thanks to my dear [--------]  for letting me write this. 

And glad you liked it :)   

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