Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Call to budding Author's by Preeti Shenoy

Try, try and try again. Do not give up. Take the challenge head on and if you really want to be an author then do not give up. Write as much as possible each day. Each time you write it will help you improve and develop your personal style. Read a lot. Devour books and try and see different styles of writers. This will make you aware of different writing styles and help you build your own personal style.

Do what you believe is right and because you are passionate about it. You may encounter some failures while taking this path. Take that in your stride and put in more effort. Things will work out. Have hope!

Most full length novels have a minimum of 60,000 words.

This is how it is classified :

500-1,000 words - Flash story
1,000-10,000 words - Short story
10,000-40,000 - Novella
40,000-60,000 - Novelette or "Novel Lite"
60,000 and up - Novel

Preeti Shenoy: 

My day started with the above lines from my source of Inspiration. I really enjoy reading books. And I can't hide my excitement of sharing my views on the authors I admire to the core. They are in my thoughts all time.

It's not that olden days where I find myself settling before my desktop and play some crazy games when ever and where ever I find some free time. Now that it all changed with time and I get drowned into my stock of books and select the recently purchased one and start reading it a little loud just to make my self involved. I really like it while sounding those words. Where I get into a new world as the characters are hardly known to me. I relate it to myself and enjoy it all the way.

The most awkward situation comes when people around finds you laughing at your own for no reason. It happened to me a couple of times at local suburban's of Chennai where I got stuck with a crazy conversation in the book I'm reading as I started laughing as if someone is tickling me. (Not too often It happens.)

After all, It's a new dimension in my life and I'm living in it completely. All I wish to see is improvement as it get progressed. I know it takes time and I look for it patiently. 

To know more about Preeti Shenoy here are the books by her.

1. 34 Bubble gums and Candies.

2. Life Is What You Make It.

3. Tea for Two and a piece of Cake.

All the above 3 are Run away National Best Sellers.

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