Monday, August 27, 2012

Bliss + Dwelling = Mommy

It's one of the Tedious Sunday in my calender with no friends around, repeated movies scrolling on TV sets, Shivering climate, Skate board roads and more importantly empty wallet makes me stay back at home. Adding some ire as I missed big time @ Group Discussion which happens occasionally during my placement Training sessions. So, I decided to pen down my ire in this form.

And this "Bliss + Dwelling = Mommy" came out strong into mind. Now, unleashing the bonding I used have with my mommy.

Let me disclose the incidents happened recently at my abode.

After moving from Vijayawada (City on Fastrack) to Metro city Chennai. It took us time to adapt. While, Communication is a big deal everywhere I go in Chennai. I had no other way but to learn the local language to survive all out Tamil Nadu. And I started taking on.

But the task is highly out of reach for my mom at home who hardly goes out for shopping. So my onus is to make her learn basic words to manage under difficult circumstances. Somehow It didn't really work. While she makes a note of all the Household Kitchen stuffs. Something like Sambar Parpu, Vengayam, Pottu Kadal, siri parpu and lot many which resembles a tongue twister. But they sound good in some areas.

Till date I witnessed varied conversations with the neighbouring people. But never of this kind. There will be no quarrelling or misunderstandings between. But only English conversation. Which is totally a class act. 

After we left for college my mom has to do something to get time passed. So she decided to mix some conversation with the aunty next to my portion. The most unfortunate situation arises when they had some problem with the language. But here it's totally a different scenario. They started conversing in English. 

The kind of effort these two put in is just fabulous. Even though they are not good at English they make their points clear every time. It goes good unless I get stuck into their conversation. Once, I reach abode in the evening I get stuck into their conversation which makes me laugh uncontrollably. This is how they speak.

Here are few incidents how I get entertained by their speakings. 

Aunty: Ma you having current now.? 

Mom: No ma. Current off 10mins over. 

Aunty:  Oh!! owner come and put motor ah ma??

Mom: No ma. She not came. 

Aunty: Water over morning. I no washed dresses also. 

Mom: I washed completed. Water over. 

Aunty: Seri. What you did in lunch? 

Mom: I make fried rice. 

Aunty: How you do ma? I do it yesterday. 

Mom: Simple ma, put Ginger Garlic paste (Fry it) after put onions, potato, and beans (Boiled). Fry all those with boiled  rice. It is over after 15mins. 

Aunty: Seri ma.

This is how it goes. I really enjoy their conversation. Sometimes Its hard for me to get what they actually mean. But my bro is too good at catching their intention and clears me what they mean. Finally, My father enjoys it during Sundays. 

Here is the snap:

From left to Right: My Granny (Ammuma we call her), My Mom, My Bro MLV. Krishna Chaitanya (Germany Fame) @ Pizza Hut., Ampa Skywalk, Chennai. 

At the end. This post is not meant for Hurting anyone. (Especially Mom) Without you my days will be too dry. I believe strongly that you can survive anywhere in this world. You have the quality of talent to make your version clear to others. No matter in what way the others are capable of. 

Love you mom


  1. nc yar...hehexx wat a cnvrsti0n..!!

  2. very cute... did u tell your mom that you have written all these stuffs in your blog?

  3. so sweet.your mother would have loved it.


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