Monday, August 6, 2012

Fortunate Amigos.

Once upon a time, there lived a group of mice under a tree. One day, a group of elephants came that way and destroyed the homes of all the mice. Then the king of mice decided to approach the elephant chief and request him to guide his herd through another route. The elephant king agreed to this and took another route. And so, the lives of the mice were saved.
Later on, a group of elephant hunters came and trapped the elephants in huge nets. The elephant king remembered the king of the mice. He summoned one of the elephants who had not been trapped to go and find the king of mice.
After listening to the elephant, the mouse king and all of his followers cut open the nets trapping the elephant herd. The elephants were set free.
Moral : A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Probably the first proverb I came across when I was at Age 6. I don't even know the exact meaning that time. But Times changed over years. Met Quite few people who seemed to be long lasting but left amidst.

I used to have a great bonding with the movies that largely based on Friendship. Beginning with Premadesam
"Mustafa Mustafa"

The Best Song Ever composed by Oscar Award Winner "A.R Rahman" Lyrics at its very best. ♥

These Days I don't find too many "Friends for ever" kind of friends. Having said that In a Movie That I watched recently. Earlier people used make use of products and love others. But these days people love products and make use of friends. Don't Agree??? True that.

As Time changes friends do change. It all goes good when you are together. Once you leave apart it gradually goes down. Technology Improves and Relationships Reduce. If there is a co-ordination at both the ends it stays long.

Here are some good friends of mine who kept me Happy all time with their sweet words and crazy doings.

I go Admiring way. It's not in Ascending order nor Descending.  It's Just as it is.

After getting into my Engineering life having a conversation with girls dropped drastically. I feel it as a communication gap. Someway It looks like present day girls are bound to attract to mass guys. Whatsoever I have no problem with that.

1. Good Works makes good friends. This is how I got a friend from Bhopal. Named "Parul Gurjar" While working on a Sustainability program organized by Wipro Technologies. My 2nd North Indian Friend. There will be an intro on 1st friend in this post later on. A very good friend. We used to have chat very often. She is passionate about South Indian foods all the time. Specially Masala Dosa and Idly Sambar. Recognized South Indian Breakfast stuffs. Its my absolute pleasure to guide her when she makes her way to South in the coming future.She is Good looking as well.

I couldn't get a single click of her. To make it clear she is on the left side of the pic. When ever we find time we keep yelling about all the happenings of the day. After all I enjoy her company.! Most Interesting part is we never had a phone conversation even though we chat through mobile. It's something that startled me.

2. A skool pal comes from no where into my life and supports me all the way that I'm destined to do something great when people are sniggering behind. we are friends from Kinder Garden and left to other corner's after 8th. We are back to touch in 2011. I wonder whether she remembers me. But she made the same fun when she used to do in school days. I can Tag her as a Talking Tom. She looks bubbly and chubby.

 Resembles an upcoming heroine. Right??

I had my first chat with her on August 2nd 2011 which means nearly after 6 long years. Initially I found it a bit difficult to cope up with her after a long break but as time progressed it all went good. We used to have productive chats all time by discussing about the Symposiums and other sort of events related to our Academics which worked partly for me.

One fine day she called me up and screamed about her arrival to the city. So we had our plans open to make up some time as its been long while since we met. She left all that to me as she don't have any idea about Chennai. So its my onus to make them happy. We then made our way to Ampa Skywalk. This time not a window shopping as she owned some books by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. Finally had a break at Mc Donald's where we had a meal and departed back to respective areas. My best time over the last few years.

The most awkward situation arises when your close mate finds that you are with a girl in so and so mall. Unfortunately It all happened to me. Tense moments filling in with hilarious happenings around added some bonus fun that day at Skywalk. Priyanka rewind back once you asked me why laughing so often at Mc Donald's. That's the reason behind it. (My Friend Named Mounish watching us )

Finally her attitude is something I really liked. The way she speaks is Fantabulous. She believes me badly. All I can do is giving my very best to stay up to her belief. Surely ll never let it go in vain.

3. Here we go with the 3rd and final Fortunate Amigo. Srestha Chakraborty who rescued me when I'm about to hate Twitter. It's just because you can't manage to keep tweeting unless and until there is a tweet back. She is my all-time best Twitter mate. She makes me go mad with her framing and wordings. Initially I had to take my time to get adjust with her language. Such a great skills she acquire. Bewildered by knowing that she is a girl of class 11 and tweeting in such matured way.

My 1st North Indian friend as well as first friend in Twitter. Tweeting to her is a good learning experience for me. It always feels special to learn something from young guns. One thing I failed to achieve is learning Bengali from her. She rarely finds time to teach me coz her schedule is totally packed with Tutions and school. Even then she finds time to mention me when ever she comes online. My cute little sister ♥ Thank you!! :)

Now It's time to wind up my post so titled as "Fortunate Amigos" which is supposed to be posted on Friendship day but Unfortunately couldn't make it.

Wish These Tremendous 3 remains as good friends forever. Love ya ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. woow awsum la fren...hopez tat frnshp al wil 4evr n evr 4 u!!

  2. Thanks so much Jayanth. Really appreciate it. Am flattered actually. Can't help liking your blog. Keep on writing...A proud friend (& sis). Lots of love. Cheers !!!! :P


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