Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Blog post which takes you nowhere.

After taking a read at "Welcome to Writer's world" by Preeti Shenoy. I patted my back and thought of to take a look into my previous attempts of making some worthy posts that I made and felt a bit satisfied with the kind of improvements I made. (Not really boasting about myself. I just wanted to say that) Yet there is a long way to go. To be clear with the standards of making posts or writing books, I manged to collect the Info via (Which is where I learn a lot these days) and Thanks to Google for letting me know synonyms and Antonyms. Google is a fantablous user-friendly in Technical terms. And I enjoy it in my Desktop.

Coming to the content, I follow many writers on social Networking and also the official websites which are owned by them. And find it a little strange to see that they keep talking on WC. which stands for Word Count. I mean, They keep tracking up their word counts of the day.  And I take a daze. It's totally a writer's arena where they have nothing left with the world to do. It's all up to them. They are freed to express their views on. When I see Preeti making 7256 words in one day It lures me to overcome that milestone. However, I've made 2,108 words on August 19th 2012. My all-time high. Extremely happy to some extent.

In a country of a Billion it's never an easy task to prove your existence and get publicized. After having a keen observation  I realized that there are ways to make the news. For Instance, Chetan Bhagat is always surrounded by critics and he also had 2million followers in Facebook as well as Twitter. No other current writer achieved this mark. It happens when one take on current issues. Chetan takes the guard all-time. He get's the attention everywhere. And Finally he is an Icon with celebrity status.

One has to know the Add-on 's and Flaws that comes your way when you are tagged with a Celebrity Status. Celebrities live king-size in our country.

After all I have nothing to say in this post. (That's what the title says) I just made it as a token post for my next post. Many of my friends are expecting me to write blogs which carries love, comedy, and thrill. And I'm looking out for some interesting love stories as majority gets connected with love stories and show great interest in reading those. Recently I came to know one love story which started via Twitter. Currently working on it. 

And my proceedings for my first short story "Juveniles Galore" will take it's time to get into public. Because I want to make it really good. 

Having a 9 day break from college. So ll try to make at least 3-4 posts in this span. And also making arrangements to create a website of my own. It's not that easy anyway without knowing HTML tags and codings.

Finally, winding up with the last lines. 

Not too many people likes non-fiction as It requires a lot patience. So, I'm gearing up to write fictions now.

Fingers Crossed!! X X


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