Monday, August 17, 2015

Realizing The Concept of Death

“What happens when you die?”

A couple of days back when I was reading random articles on web, one article caught my attention. It has got more than 250K likes and equal number of shares on different mediums.

‘I felt fascinated.’

When I was young, I used to go through the local newspaper at my uncle’s place. It was those days, waking up and reading newspaper in the early morning sunshine used to be a routine.

In the process of reading the newspaper, only 2 sections usually gets my attention. ‘Sports’ and ‘local news’.

Once after I am done with reading the cricket related news on paper, I quickly move on to the local news section.

‘It’s not that I am eager or keen to know the political movements in the city or state. Neither if the following day goes for a bandh’.

It’s the accident zone that I look for. Every single day in the newspaper there comes a news of an accident that killed people.

I read it with whole lot of patience.

I kind of understands the situation.

I think of the victims.

I think of the last few words the victims had to say before they leave this world for one final time.

I think of the family who normally builds sky high hopes on the people who got trapped in the accident before they finally give up.

I think for a moment and would say to myself that,

“Accidents are unpredictable.” If accidents were teachers, they are the toughest teachers you will ever come across in life. In fact, if you commit one mistake, there’s no look back!

“Teachers give you a second chance. But, accidents don’t.”

The irony of life is that, people don’t live it. They just ‘leave’ it.

When I look at people around, I see them smile. I see them celebrate. But none of them seem to be with real happiness. They aren’t realistic. It’s just an artificial ones that people create for the society. They are more concerned about being the reflection of others rather than knowing ‘what they really are inside.’

Getting back to the inevitable thing so called ‘dying’ it can just come anytime. 

Today or tomorrow. We have no control over it.

I’ve seen people die. Some closely and some at a distance.

The most common thing of all, ‘they are not going to comeback forever’.

Money, Property, Job, will meet their ends.

People will think of the deceased for days and then will slowly start to move on in life, no matter how important the deceased person means to them. One day, they will start to accept the facts.

People in this world are here on a temporary purpose. Once the time arrives, everyone will be washed away. The new generation comes and they will follow the same cycle. And that’s how the life is for everybody.

When I look for the same in reality, people are not just the same. They are something that I find it a bit difficult to get. I wonder, if everyone thinks the same way that I do. I wonder if people deal with the same doubts that I get in a much better way. I wonder why I get weird thoughts unlike others. I wonder why I look at life in a different way.

At times, I don’t think of relations. I don’t think of friends. I don’t think of entertainment. I just think of myself. I just re-collect the words that moved me and inspired me a lot. I just try to be ‘myself.’

I so wanted people around me to realize the quick facts and to start taking the life changing decisions in life that will have equal number of pros and cons.

“Being defensive at young age probably is not the right thing to do.”

So, take a chance. Try and win! 

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