Friday, August 28, 2015

You Matter To Me - A farewell sort of post !

On the eve of your last working day in Chennai, I thought I should give you something back before you leave the most loved and the most happening city, Chennai.

For many, Chennai reminds of its humidity, pollution, and awful food. But for us, it’s more of an emotion. When everyone around us took the city for granted in hurling abuses over its culture and habitat, we proved them wrong on all fronts.

Being an outsiders, we clearly felt Chennai more like a second home.

I still remember the early days of 2009 when I first shifted my base to Chennai. It was all new for me. In addition to that, situations at that time aren’t really encouraging for me to feel settled and comfortable.

Language has always been a barrier throughout the first year. When I looked around for someone who is good at the language, I found out, it’s you.

If I can re-collect the most common usage at that time would actually be,

Hello, Enga irukeenga? Na Avadi la iruken, aparama call pandren.

The way you adapted to the city’s language moved me and inspired me to learn the language in quick time.

Once after mastering the local language, it was clear enough that I should actually be doing something to survive in the city and get things done whenever needed.

In the process, when I started off with a basic ground work on self-improvisation, I realized one should always be good with numbers and good with people.

While implementing the same, I look up to you every time when it comes to dealing with people. I’ve learned a few that’s helping me doing well today.

You are the one who showed me how weekends are like in the metropolitans. You took me close to the neighbourhood of an average IT professional in the city. You took me to the finest of restaurants in the city.

To be precise, you played a significant part of my survival in the city since 2009.

Now, when you are all set to leave the city for one final time, I look back into the past and reminisce some of the memories that we had since 2013.

I still remember the day when I was offered a job in August 2013. We celebrated that night at Mc Donalds, Navalur. I felt wonderful.

You were there for me all the time whenever needed. Your presence made feel that I am not alone!

The weekend movies that we had watched in AGS, Luxe, Casino will forever be in thoughts.

And today, while you leave the city for good, all I can say is, Thank You!

Thank You for everything that you’ve done to me. Thank you for being there every time when I needed someone. Thank you for cheering me up when I was down.


“Our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between us remains ever strong.” 

Stay blessed, brother! 

PS: Here’s wishing you all the very best for the exciting life ahead. 

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  1. Thank you Jayanth my little brother.... luv u as always... appreciated for penning this down and taking me through the memory lane... you too inspired me in last1 year with your travelling and likes for blogging keep up the unique interest... love you... wish you to see soon a book on your name... let's plan to meet regularly and enjoy life of brothers... :)


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