Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - Fastest Network Ever

Hola! 4G is now ON! Who else are the beneficiaries? Undoubtedly Airtel customers.

Yes, if you are in India and are looking for a network that will help you in keeping connected all the time, then you will have to switch to Airtel. The number one Mobile Network in Country. 

I was quite a bit sceptical about the internet services in India after the recent change of trend. But what Airtel is doing today is something that is highly appreciable. Providing uninterrupted internet along with super awesome bandwidth speed at a very minimal price. Who else can wait without switching to 

With Airtel 4G, it very much looks like things can now get done faster and simpler when compared to the recent times. Surfing, YouTube videos will now take no longer time to load. With a click on the button, you can witness the videos playing by default. Undoubtedly a landmark in the history of Telecom.

When I was a kid, I used wait for days to watch a movie that has left the theatre. When it comes to downloading movies from the internet, it normally takes more than a day with the kind of speed limits and the pricing packages that we all had long time ago.

But now, things has changed for its own good. Even large size movies are getting downloaded in a matter of minutes. Thanks to Airtel 4G once.

When you go with the terms of the internet history in India. I was there during the single G, 2G, 3G and now glad to experience 4G services.

This is a stupendous growth for the industry for over a decade.

Also, a good thing to notice is that Airtel has been really quick at spreading out the services in India.

296 plus cities on a single go is never that easy. A lot must have gone through this transition phase of internet in India. Only to make things go much better than ever before.

And more importantly, offering 4G services at 3G price is like icing on the cake. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought of something like this. Truly amazed by this incredible act.

Also, making the sim cards more available to its customers, Airtel came up with a tweeting concept that can possibly get you the sim card to your doorstep.

How cool is that? Exciting isn’t it?

Who else will do that for you? Always Airtel!

#GetAirtel4G with a hashtag on Twitter can get you the 4G sim home.


And that too, free home delivery. Can’t hold the real excitement. I just did the tweeting on my part.

Have you done it yet? If not, please do. Now. The sim is waiting at your doorstep.
Once activated, there’s no look back. The speed goes on to the top!

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