Friday, July 10, 2015

Balanced Healthy Diet

Man has been struggling from a long time to satisfy his taste buds being healthy at the same time. I really wonder would it be possible in the current scenario to have street food without being sick and to eat junk food without being fat.
Balanced healthy diet takes the first priority from the basic point that we are eating to live, not that we are living to eat.

Food plays a vital role in our attitude, confidence and behavior. Let us take an example. You have a very important work to do in the afternoon and you have to choices for lunch. One is filled with vitamins and minerals. Other is dumped with fat and germs. Which choice could give you the better output in the work? The answer is obviously nutritional food since a balanced diet reflects in a balanced mind and a balanced mind gives optimum results. You can check the difference in confidence between a fit person and a fat person. People having distorted body shape undergo a sub conscious inferiority complex. I have even observed them feeling a bit of discomfort in moving out with friends and meeting new people.

The new trend most of them are following is having excess food for 11 months a year, a crash diet for a month, again excess intake for 11 months and the cycle goes on. Was it that actually that good to give a try? The answer is certainly not. Anything that comes naturally and gradually will last long. Your body will get habituated to that amount of food you have been taking from the past 11 months. It cannot accommodate the sudden and extreme changes. The Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas, Intestines, Bones, Flesh, Brain and what not everything struggle a lot to get out of that miserable situation. Your immunization levels will remarkably get down. It will result in a stomach ache after one month, head ache after two months, hospitalization for three months and finally heart attack after seeing hospital bills. And of Course, Liposuction which leads to many side effects and even to death is out of choice.
So, how to tackle this problem? It’s simple. We have some products which are specifically designed to solve this issue. I think the best among them is Dabur Honey. Good morning wishes from hundreds of people may not make it a “Good Morning”. But two spoons of honey every morning will certainly make it a “Good” Morning. Just replace the calorie filled sugar packets in your kitchen with health filled honey bottles. You can witness the positive energy it adds you.

And finally, it is you who should make the choice between 15 minutes of sweet lunch to 15 days of suffering in hospital.

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