Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App : 3 Key Features That Suits My Lifestyle

When asked about Airtel, my mind goes to those stunning ads that I mostly see during in-between the matches and occasionally on local channels. Must admit that, they come up with a lot of creative advertisements to reach people rather than just giving it a straight forward way of letting the users come in and use the network. And not to forget the technical brilliance while shooting the ads. They were just brilliant and I am a fan of those stunning ads.

In India, Airtel is not just a network that keeps people connected. It’s somewhere beyond that. 7 out of 10 people I see today are Airtel customers. And they seem to be really happy for being what they are. I wonder what’s so special about the network.

Airtel had a unique way of looking at things. Every time they come up with something interesting and new, undoubtedly it satisfies its customers in the first place. Just with the flexibility thing.

And here we go with the new Airtel My App thing that will make their customers even more comfortable while managing things.

Here is my version of 3 key features that best suited my lifestyle.

The Shake Your Phone Concept:

 It’s shaking time. For everything that you need from your #MyAirtelApp it’s now just a shake away. Which means, shake your phone for new offers? Exactly it is.
Point is that – flipping through the offers section is too mainstream. So, the shaking concept will interest people for sure. I personally liked it and is now on top of my list.

Mode of Payment:

Mode of payment in which I mean the flexibility. It is getting so easy that I don’t really have to worry if anything just goes wrong. Every payment that I make just goes smooth. No troubles at all.

I want to:

“I want to” feature stands out to be the out of box concept by Airtel. Just going in the user perspective and making it easier and more personal. Loved the way they have come up with the idea. It’s like making the payments easy and selecting the right offer or the right data pack now gets hassle free.

What else do one expect from a brand network like Airtel? If you ask me, I would say that, so far they have almost nailed everything that came their way. Much to make the user experience more user friendly and more interactive.

So, why wait? Download My Airtel App now and experience the awesomeness in your own smartphone. Don’t you think world has now become a better place to live?

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