Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League

Kapil Dev, the former captain of Team India and the first captain to guide India to its first ever World Cup win in 1983 has now come up with a new league that has got the right mix of suspense in it even before it was completely out. The details for now are kept hidden as the legend himself thrown it out at the audience to guess what kind of league this could be.

There isn’t anything much available on web regarding the new league. But, a few video clips are good enough to predict on what the show is all about.

So, in my point of view, I actually think, this could be kind of face-off with the legend.

Questions upfront for whoever is on the hot-seat.

The strategy of the concept may vary, but, the intention must be of the same.

Like, questions from different corners of life put to a celebrity which needs to be answered from the bottom of the heart.

Not really sure if a show of similar kind has come in the recent past, but I personally think #EkNayiLeague will be of whole lot of fun for people who watch and also for the ones who make it to the hot seat. (Hot seat in which I mean, the league)

Choosing Twitter as the platform, Kapil Dev stresses on following him on Twitter so that people don’t miss out on the most important updates. So, it means, there is a chance for common man to make it count.

There is also a possibility of this league being open for all. Like online contests that can get you prizes.

Also, there isn’t anything like a physical workout that is going to be taking place in this league but more of mental thinking is required according to the videos that were released till date. So, a contest is surely on the cards.

After a longtime now, there comes a league that will test the people’s ability to remember something they have watched ages ago. Well, can’t strike out the possibility of asking questions from late epic matches played between the top cricketing nations. See, there has to be some interesting guesses and I am trying my level best to reach the real start point.

But all-in-all, it’s going to be really interesting to see how this Ek Nayi League progresses in time.

Hope, this league will definitely bring out the best in the country and reward them for what they deserve.

As part of conclusion, I very much believe that it will be a contest that will put you at the corner of your seat. This will be nothing short of a thrilling ride.

Wish the team and Kapil Dev all the very best for #EkNayiLeague.

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  1. Well after all , it was he who first created the ICL which is the brainchild for IPL.
    Looks like you've adopted the dynamic views! Great going,
    Keep writing :)


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