Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Feeling Blessed!

In the middle of a conversation with a dear friend of mine came the idea that inspired me to write this post.

At this moment, I feel blessed.

For everything that I have got in my life and for everything that was happening in my life. Lately realized that, not everyone is blessed with the same.

Somehow, my perspective towards life has changed once after Chennai became my second home. If someone walks up to me and asks about my past, I would say – which one do you want to know? Life before Chennai or life after Chennai?

The city has got that much of an influence on me. Thankfully, all for the good reasons.

I firmly believe that life is unpredictable. Stunningly awesome and cruelly gruesome.

But one thing is for sure - We all have a limited time here to make a mark.

There are some people who inspire me till today.

1.     Steve Jobs – The commencement at Stanford University. Have no idea how many times I have watched that inspiring speech. A true innovator that he is. Wonder how the technology and typography would have been without him.

2.     Paul Walker – No idea who the guy is, till his demise. I have seen people talk about him more. The contribution and the difference he had made to the Fast & Furious family. The way Vin Diesel broke down while remembering Paul Walker 16 months after his sudden exit. And finally, the way Fast and Furious 7 was made. And the way, the family has given the big man a fitting tribute in the end with ‘See You Again’. Every single time I hear the song, it has always given me Goosebumps.

Men don’t cry much. But when they do, it really means a lot to them. The grief can no longer be controlled and thus tears.

3.     Philip Hughes – The 25 year old Australian cricketer who died to a bouncer by Sean Abbott at Sydney Cricket Ground. This guy’s story is no different. May not be as familiar as the aforementioned gentlemen, but this guy has united the cricket fans across the world. This man gave up his life while doing his job. And that’s playing for the country. He just did what he loved. And very unfortunately, died in the process.

According to me, the above 3 are legends in their own ways. They are passionate and had always done something they really loved.

In a country like India, scope of improvement is very less. People here in the country are not allowed to do something they really love. Even till today, I see parents pestering kids to do well in the areas the kid lacks interest. But this is how the pattern goes here. There is no escape. I so wonder why Indian parents are so mediocre minded. The lack of aggressive approach towards life will not help the kid survive in the long run. I seriously think, majority of Indian parents drive their kids into the wrong lane.

By the time the kid enters into his 20’s, he is more like tuned as a job seeker rather than a job creator. I know I am sounding a bit too awful here, but let me just complete.

Creativity in this country is locked behind the walls. There surely has to be a change in the pattern. Behavioral pattern is what I mean.

Also, to top it, India has gender discrimination. For once, I once again feel blessed to be a guy in a country like India. Thankfully, I don’t have much of restrictions like girls had in the country.

Percentage of people in India are still living in the dark world and not realizing the importance of life. Every time I feel sad for people who don’t realize it.

I have seen people who never get a chance to voice out their thoughts to their so called parents. They are subjected to lead a life that has no value in it.

For god sake, forget about employment rate in the country. Let people first realize the importance of life. Let people take chances and make decisions in the first place. But for that, parents need to do their part. Taking the kids out and letting them know how better the world is. Inspiring them to make something for them right from the start.

I have no idea how people perceive the perspective of mine. But, I can only tell you that I have realized the real importance of life.

In tricky situations, I have learned to take chances. And that’s what define me today.

With all due respect, my parents supported me in everything that I did. They left me in a world that has endless possibilities to learn and achieve big.

I may not equal the current techie guys in today’s generation. But one thing is for sure – I am here to take my chances. I am here to make a mark. I am here to be different and I am here to be the change. 

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