Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Day With You Around.

I've been repeatedly warned as well as suggested by the people who genuinely cared for my better life and I just cut it off without even considering what they actually had said to me. Times changed and I've changed to a great extent. The last 2 days set up to be the productive days in my life whatsoever the other days had offered me. I have learned some new lessons from life. I'm Glad you are the reason behind it.

Oct 26th 2012.

There is no great stuff going around and I decided myself to doze off after having a typical South Indian meal. And then I received a call from her. It always brings a huge smile on my face whenever I see her name flashing on my mobile. Hi. I said instantly after picking up the call.

Annanya: Guess me.? Where will I be now?! She said with a childish voice.

Me: Ummm. In bus?! On-route to your hostel?! I said. In a confused state.

Annanya: No.

Me: Chennai??! I said. This time with great excitement.

Annaya: Yep!! :D And now she is grinning.

Wow. what a sudden surprise and I came to know her whereabouts and decided to meet up right then.

I quickly went up to my wardrobe and checked in with the available costumes for the day but at the end I managed to look terrible with long hair falling down my face. As it's the exam season I do look horrible to make people believe that I work real hard for exams which is a ploy.

We had a great attachment with Ampa Skywalk situated at Arugambakkam, Chennai. The last 2 visits made by her initiated with Skywalk. Of course I will be on sky high when she is right beside me. And I started rooting to the compressed mall near to Anna Nagar.

Shopping with lads is a total different scenario compared with a girl. The price tags never matters when you are with lads but it matters strong enough when you are in with your girl. She was so darn happy to find all the accessories very reasonable and I felt like getting her whatsoever she asked for. But my empty wallet throws a disappointing smile at me. This is where the financial troubles and all those stuff flashes in my head repeatedly proclaiming I'm no good enough to be there with her. I tried my real best to rush those thoughts away but couldn't succeed much. 

Mc Donald's and Landmark will remain the best outlets for us to meet up every time. We used to contemplate over the new arrivals at the Landmark stands and make some unusual comments on already read books. It's her who made me stand still on reading books one by one. I just relate her in the first place in every book I read. 

We ordered an extra value meal for Two at Mc Donald's where you get a large coke and fries a little more than normal. I truly love Mc Donald's. I'm so very happy that she treated me with a meal to share her excitement of getting placed in an Multi National Company. (I'm impressed. She kept her words) Then we started usual mutterings on Life, Friends, Movies and a few more when she gave me a 10 Rupee note. 

Those 2 words on the note proclaimed "Love You" I can now barely speak. I've no idea what's going on?!
There is utter silence. Between the staff at MCD served us the Fries which are due. Soon I'm frightened to ask what's the reason behind it?! Can I take it as an acceptance to my proposal which I've made a few months back?! What If she says "Just forget about it?!" I can't spoil the time we are indulged in and for the next 24 hours. I can't take a risk here. I remained silent.

With her by my side I don't want her to struggle in not-so-safe Chennai Metro Buses which runs full packed all the day. So we hired an auto to Thyagaraya Nagar. From which we boarded a deluxe bus to Mylapore . Dropped her in my relation's abode and got an assurance that she is happy with the accommodation and finally I made my way out. I can now vaguely see the street roads. I'm totally immersed in her thoughts. I don't know whats up with this girl?! I'm totally in love with her blindly and madly.

We had a text conversation at the end of the day and it shows:

Me: Reached home.

Ananya: Too late. anyway I guess there was no problem..

Me: Dat's okie. Everything is alright.

Ananya: Ok fyn.. U go to bed and grab some sleep..Do I need to wake you up early in the morning?!

Me: Huh. Why would I say "No" for anything you offer me?! I'm super excited to start my day with your phone call. I thought. But just managed to reply softly.

Me: Yeah. 6 in the morning. And we winded with Good Nights.

My legs started cramping and my hands started fumbling to handle the phone. I'm totally stressed out. Yet I couldn't get sleep whole night. Counting the number of hours left to get back to meet her. It's 5 in the morning and I galloped to fresh up to catch the 7AM train at near by suburb.

October 27th, 2012.

It took me 2 long hours to reach Mylapore from my stay and I'm in a hurry not to evade any single opportunity to spend time with her. I tried my best to look better. But couldn't do anything about it.

She looked so darn attractive in her white dress. I'm not sure what they call it as but all I can say is she was so perfect. I wish I could spend my life time staring at her but she has to leave for now. She is going back to Trichy at 1:45PM. We moved to Skywalk yet again for Exchange Mela and I went on busy ordering the lunch at Mc Donald's.

Mostly probably I never miss my timings unless and until there arrives an unexpected interruption. This day is of that kind when the roads of Anna Nagar were Jam packed with all sort of vehicles! I've very limited time left to reach C.M.B.T which is almost 15-20 drive from Skywalk. We are left with 10mins for the scheduled departure of the bus. Yet I managed to stand all by myself at the exit of Star Bazzar with a Coke from Mc Donalds hoping against the hope. We soon rushed to an auto and started to C.M.B.T. I was all nervous. I've never experienced this kind of feeling till date. I was dying actually for Ananya. I can't leave her. I'm not sure why I'm getting so serious with her. I can't get flattered to someone who hardly meets me. She is a crowd getter and I'm a boring fiction geek all the time who hardly makes fun around when it all mattered and blushes to my own. For sometime it felt like she makes me complete and life with her would be wonderful. And sometimes It drops down that I'm no good guy for her.

Her visit made me think beyond my limitations. She stayed back the previous night believing in me for some reasons. I felt happy for that. I now feel responsible. "Money" plays an integral part in every activity we do these days. I've dreams of earning money very badly. But I do believe that "The more money you earn the more diseases you gain" That was indeed true. If not its right for 70% at least.

The moment when she got into the bus she left me in a total dismay. I struggled to gather all the words to bid her a "Bye" I didn't sound at all. I just whispered. My heart shattered into pieces. I miss my iPod Classic badly which was my proud possession after all getting me out of this world when ever I need. Her silly doings while crossing the road holding my hand was all over. It's just one way down the line. The Journey back home was terrible with her thoughts. I loved her for endless reasons. BTW there is something still missing.

I realized myself to get set Go! for a Job hunt and get settled asap. I've lot more responsibilities now. I'm sure I take it as my onus. Close quarters of me believe that I'm destined to do something great. I wish I won't be letting their belief down at any cost. I ll get back to Ananya once I get going on my two own foot. Till then I ll try my very best to be as normal as I could. But Life is Indeed beautiful with Ananya in my life.

Taylor Swift Love Story. (Dedicated to YOU)

I miss you. But I still love you.

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