Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kattuscorner a Multi Tasker.

Well, I'm here not to take on some current issues or applauding or boasting some celebs or criticizing some other. But for the first time boasting something about a dear friend who is celebrating his birthday today. He is one of my fella blogger. I'm happy to say that. He carries a zeal for writing but he mess himself on what to write and drops out without making anything out of it. He loves to learn something new every time and that's what I like the most in him. We both started Tweeting at a same time. We used to tweet instead of chatting on Facebook. We love adapting to new trends. And that's what dragged us into Blogger. He started blogging within the days I published my first post. We resemble each other in many cases but he loves to stay simple and lonely which is not same with me.

He sealed a place in my list as one of my best mate for the last 4 years. I really enjoyed his company in and outside the campus. He doesn't really make much fun but he cracks the jokes with ease and timing. He is the one who came and had a conversation with me 4 years back where I have no one to speak to. His Telugu was terribly in the beginning but I felt like anything similar to the language is good enough to pass some time than dying lonely. I must say he soon improved his ability to learn the language from me. I exchanged my skills with him and his to mine. I've learned Tamil reasonably well. Every individual friend of mine contributed their part in making me learn the language. I'm always thankful to them.

This Guy is no good at academics and his nightmare was all Mathematics. He hardly cross the border line during internals. That's the best part of life. A bit of success as well as failure makes some sense. Isn't it?!

We both had a crush at two different girls at same time in the  first year of our Grad and we realize that it is going to take us nowhere. I dropped after a while. But he didn't. He still had a crush on his girl. A ray of hope still lies behind.

He made a difference by scoring some unexpected numbers in the internals and took everyone by surprise. He started proving his existence while I'm crushing down to earth. He actively involved in every activity that our dept. organizes. A well behaved bloke is what he managed to gain in the dept.

He works day in and day out for any task he was assigned to. He don't know how to say a firm "No" when he can't do the job which was rested on his shoulders. He has to learn a firm "No" one day. 

Living under the assembled computers made him take a slight advantage over his course. He shot the answers right on the block hole when it mattered. I appreciate it for living up to his routine. And now he turned out to be the concept minded guy in my crew who can write infinite number of words during examinations with ease in grace.I believe he can make wonders in the coming future. All he has to do is to stay calm and composed and make use of every single opportunity. Aim Big. It's all free. You are not going to pay for it. 

The words said by Warren Buffet. Somehow modified by me in my style. (Hope you get the point right)

If people don't laugh at your goals, It means that you don't have proper goals in life. You are looking for an existence in life rather than creating your trademark in this hyperactive and most competitive society.

I believe the above lines makes a hell lot sense to all my readers.

And Finally I forgot to reveal the name of the birthday bud. It's Nirmal Kumar. I really wanted to dedicate this post to him. Just because he deserve it.

A Typical Stylish South Indian Guy. (He rarely poses for a snap)

Dude. You have a dream. Go for that. Never get down for Instant happiness. Be a crowd getter than being the one in the crowd. Read more. Learn more. Think more. The more you read the better you become. 

Once again I wish you a very very Happy BirthdaY!! :D

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