Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surf it All! Surf it Fast! UC Browser Takes You Close To Cricket

Like said, Cricket in the country is a religion. People love the sport more than just anything else. At times, there are situations where men skip the well planned dates just for watching one good game from the Indian side. And when it comes to an Indo-Pak encounter, the hype and the pressure keeps mounting like anything. The cricket fever will be on till the last ball is bowled.

For me personally, cricket is almost equivalent to life. I have grown up watching the best of world cricketers play and contribute for the game of cricket. I have seen legends retire. I have seen young cricketers doing really well at the International level. And I have seen Captains winning the matches single handedly for the team under difficult circumstances.

In simple words, the sport has a lot of energy and thrill in it. The challenge in the game is what everyone wanted to face. In the international arena, with massive standards, cricket kept improving on the larger front.

When talking about managing time with watching the best of cricket from across the world, it’s simple and easy if you have something that is really good on your side (application wise I mean).

As seen from many of my peers, UC browser has got the right balance in making you feel comfortable while you are away from your home. If at all missing out on match updates is a concern, I am pretty confident about UC browser chipping in it for you.

It’s fast, easy and reliable.

Gone are those days where you feel lost when are supposed to be out on a super awesome day of cricket. There is no better feeling than watching the splendid game of cricket between the 2 most competitive teams on a world cup stage.

As cricket lovers, we very well know how the excitement will mount if these teams are facing against each other. For instance, India – Pakistan and Australia – England. The rivalry has been there from ages.

And that’s how cricket has been there for a long time now.

There seem to be having no exception when it comes to Test cricket, ODI cricket and the recent T20 cricket. People watch them all with the same amount of interest and excitement.

The one best example for people watching Test cricket so interestingly will undoubtedly be Ashes. It’s more like a do or die for both England and Australia.

They had redefined the way of Test cricket that was played on the international level. You would have no idea what happens next. The excitement carries out till the last ball of the final day.

And that’s test cricket for the world.

People enjoy. And we as a great supporters and followers enjoy the game of cricket along with the cricketing fraternity.

Love cricket? Then start using it on UC Browser. Love to keep updated on the latest cricket news and scores? Then its time for you to start using UC Cricket

Look at the UC Browser video below. 

Surf it all. Surf it fast!

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