Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions 2015

I don’t party much. So, birthday’s and New Years are just like any other day for me. But when people welcome New Year by partying, I do it by writing. Pouring my heart out for one more time. And here I am today, just having a look at the past and reliving the moments.

2014 undoubtedly has been a decent year for me. I have had enough of memories to cherish for a life time.

Let me now check with the status of my 2014 resolutions which I had written in Jan 2014.

1.    Being a published Author.
2.    Hit the courts and play tennis hard.
3.    Body fitness.
4.    Reading and writing. A lot actually.
5.    Being responsible.
6.    Meeting new people. 
7.    Finding Happiness.

A tick mark goes for the first resolution. ‘Being a Published Author’. Not an easy one though. I’m glad that my work is getting published. I can now proudly say that I am a ‘Contributing Author’ for ‘The Notebook of Romance’ a collection of short stories by Gargi Publishers.

Note: Pre-Order links will be out soon and the book will hit the stores by February 14th 2015. (Valentine’s Day Special)

2, 3 and 4 points didn’t go well. I didn’t read much in 2014. But I have written so much like never before. I kept writing thousands of words every day. And that’s my job.

Meeting new people? Yes. I met some really wonderful people in 2014. My blogger friends Gayatri Aptekar, Sachin Prabhu and a few more.

Finding Happiness? Yes. I was happy. Apart from a few disturbances, I was happy for most of the time. 1st part of 2014 was tough for some reasons but the second one went good. Had a fabulous time with a few writing commitments.

So, my resolutions for 2015 are as follows.

1.    Discovering myself
2.    Reading.
3.    Body fitness.
4.    Writing.  
5.    Blogging.
6.    Journal maintenance.  
7.    Taking Chances. 

 Well, that’s it for 2015. I hope this will bring a lot of change in me. To keep things on fastrack this time, ‘Discovering myself’ will be initiated in the first and second weeks of Jan followed by Chennai Literature Fest and Hyderabad Literature Fest. I am really looking forward to meet some wonderful people at the fest.

It’s going to be a month of discovering myself and finding what I really wanted in life. After all, the emptiness of being unemployed after 16 good months can never be replaceable.

Finally, sometime for myself. And I call it taking chances.

So, this is what I have got for now. Now it’s your turn to pen down resolutions.

Once again wishing you all a wonderful new year.


  1. may all ur dreams n resolutions come true happy new year jay :)

  2. Happy new year !!! Wish you good health, happiness and success :-)

  3. Happy New Year... Ha ha 2014 isn't just decent, it is fantastic... for you who always think out of box and always find themselves in self-solace in being new... every year will be fantabulous... :) WAY 2 GO LONG WAY AHEAD.... Cheers!!! :) Thumbs Up!


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