Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Terrorism At It's Supreme Level

“Pakistan mourns after Taliban Peshawar School massacre.” Headlines read this way in the morning. After the Sydney seize, now it was Pakistan’s turn to experience the real face of terrorism. The only thing that crossed my mind when heard of Peshawar school attack, was like Pakistan had a bite of their own medicine.

Terrorism and Pakistan are so interconnected according to the sources. The National and International media talks about Pakistan’s govt. providing the enough of encouragement to the terrorist groups for various reasons and one doesn’t really have any idea of why the govt. does that except for their selfish needs.

But one thing to remember, not just after this incident, but having heard of serial bomb blasts in and outside Pakistan, I would like to really tell some people that Pakistan and terrorism is not just the same. Not every Pakistani is a terrorist and not every terrorist is a Pakistani. It’s important that people need to have an eye on the facts and don’t really come to a conclusion that Pakistan is a terrorist nation.

Like in India, there must have been some really wonderful people and we may not know anything about them.

Just to add enough of evidence to my point there, take the Peshawar attack. Such a heinous one from the Taliban camp. And the most horrendous thing about terrorism is that, they claim to have committed such an inhumane thing so proudly. What from the news I have read is that, Taliban’s have admitted that it was now all justified.

148 have been killed in the incident in which most of them are students. It was like the future of Pakistan has taken a nasty beat. It was almost like more than 200 families got affected with this attack.  

Support has come to Pakistan from all corners of the world. And I call it as the real face of humanity showing towards a country that doesn’t know the real meaning of humanity and governance.

It was now clear and open to everyone that Pakistan govt. has failed to provide any kind of security for the people living in there. Instead, some camps or groups are encouraging hatred and spreading it across which is not really a good sign.

The only thing that comes to my mind when I think of Terrorism for most of the time is ‘Why can’t govt. consider Terrorism as their First Priority” and work towards providing safety first to their own citizens. Providing job opportunities is something that comes only after security. To be more precise, one must be alive at least to go to work. So, it would be better if govt.’s think of providing safety first to the citizens and everything next.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the affected. It’s really hard to digest the fact about their kids not making to home after the school yesterday. I think people of Pakistan will at least now think of what’s happening in their country right now. It’s people who elect their leaders everywhere. So, it’s time to recheck what they really need in the long run.

India is no new to terrorism. Mumbai Terrorist attack is something that will not be forgotten so easily. It’s people who are going to take the final call.
Who knows? You may be the next victim of terrorism. So, before it gets any serious, act now.

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  1. so true how pak is considered as terrorist nation even though good people live, how innocents were killed :( must get rid of terrorists somehow.


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