Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me !

I was in sleep and it was 12 AM sharp. Exactly the way I wanted my birthday to be. But what followed next really kept the day on top gear. And I was just clueless about the day coming to an end. 

To be precise, I really had a good day. The excitement of birthdays have gone long back. I guess it is all part of getting old according to me.

I really have to mention Ananth & Ashwin right here! They both deserve the top acknowledgement this time. A kick at 12 AM sharp and pulling me out of the room is something that I had never expected. Repeated kicks at different parts got me back into reality from the dizziness.

And there it is. Some really awesome black forest cake with candles that has got the required light into the dark room. But the kicks never stopped. I was beaten like never before. For a moment, I thought, why me?

The next 25 minutes was a mess. The cream of the cake turned out to be a facial to me for the very first time.

The feeling was different. I didn't get it proper. 

One word I told them is to not waste the cake and cream, let’s eat it all together. It was that good. Why waste it when it was awesome? But they have no other thoughts in mind. Just one thought. Treat me like the way they actually wanted and they have succeeded in doing so.

We then followed with some clicks before I started to clear up the place with Lizol liquid and a stick that has a cloth at the other end. (I don’t actually know how one will call it the cleaning stick) it took me another 15 minutes to clean up the place and I have attended some 4 calls in between. It was surprising to see people WhatsApping the birthday wishes. No one really cared to give me a call except a few ones. Technology has improved.

Back on bed. I tried to respond to people who wished me on WhatsApp before I got up late in the morning. I kept getting few calls from close quarters and I kept answering the same.

When I was about to leave for office, I got this inevitable call and that made my day. It felt good after some really troublesome months. With the heaviness of the writing thing that I have been into for quite some time really got off with that one call. A good 13 minutes of the day before it ended. But this time, talks have become shorter and thinner.

Back in office, had the same regular writing work that I do with the same interest and have ordered a combo of Pizza for colleagues at work before I left the office way too early.

Dinner with a good friend of mine from college at his place in Ambattur. The same restaurant, the same food and fortunately the same bill amount. And the same taste as well. Nothing really changed much over years.

Spoke about a few recent happenings and came back home after a walk followed by a gate jump.

Thanked everyone who wished me on Facebook and have settled down to make up this post.


The surprise post from dear friend of mine. Priyanka with some really touching post. Never expected this from her. She made my day.

You can actually read the post written by her : Happy birthday Buddy

The cake cutting and cleaning sessions directed by Ananth & his partner in crime.
Will be never forgetting this one for life time.

A call from a very very good friend of mine that I have already mentioned above.
The fantastic video by Sachin Prabhu.

Wishes from another dear friend of mine Gayatri Aptekar who kept supporting me during the writing phase of my life. She is such an inspiration.

And a call in the evening was a special one. Coming all the way from Bhopal is a special one for sure. 

And that’s how my day has been. If you are reading this one, I would also like to thank you for your time in reading this routine piece of mine. All I will be expecting from you is to comment your views in the section below. That's the best gift you will ever give to me. You never know how much a comment means to bloggers and writers. So, if you care, please do comment. 


  1. U look so cute. Nice clicks and your friends made ur day special....and black forest cake is my favourite too....yummyyyy
    Let all this fun and joy and love keep continuing....always and in all ways....

  2. pics say u had a gr8 birthday :) glad i could make u smile :) tnq for mention. As i said in video wish you loads of happiness and health. :)

  3. As i said...u deserve all the happiness buddy...

  4. Once again Happy Birthday Jayanth.. :)
    I hope u enjoyed ur day... May all this happiness stay with you forever..
    And that was a wonderful gift from Priyanka...
    Hope ur friendship be a long-lasting relation..
    Priyanka.. picture is excellent...
    and btw I didn't find any video here..

  5. thanks man...:) i hope you have blast :P every year ;)

  6. wow that was nice descriptive two articles about you and priyanka... good duo... jayanth have a blast bro keep rolling... :)


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