Monday, November 25, 2013

A Weekend With Genuine Happiness

Happiness? Where can someone get that? Happiness that have to be Genuine. Happiness that makes you feel loved. Happiness that makes you feel like life is blissful. Happiness that makes you feel complete.

Having had everything that I longed for the last 3 years or so, I have now managed to live a life of my own. And, I have my own terms to follow where my parents had no word to say. At least because they knew that I will always be in a safer zone. 

Even though I make a living out of writing, which I felt to be my true calling. I am amazed to certain extent that it is not giving me the genuine happiness that I am looking for. I always had the feeling of missing something big in life. I wondered what can be something so bigger than this? As I had a comfortable work space at office, drawing a handsome pay as a starter (At least I think so) weekend movies, Dinner at cosy restaurants and hanging out with friends. Life is soft going. But still. I don't really find happiness in it. I don't think this is a proper kind of living. I always think that there is a life beyond weekend movies and 9 hour work at office. 

I have seen people working their skins out at the office all through the week and spend half time of their weekend by taking a large nap. Followed by a movie in a nearby multiplex or a dinner at a restaurant. Boring activity is what I feel. 

I tired staying home for a weekend and thought of trying something different. I wondered what I am going to do for the next 48 hours. That's when it occured to me. A Fiction would really make my day. Without a second thought I gave in.

With "The One You Cannot Have" by Preeti Shenoy, I started reading it from the very first page. I had a good 55 minute read where I have managed to reach 60 pages of the book. It was a great piece of work by Preeti. She is just amazing when it comes to writing. Which is always in her cup of tea. 

The next 4 hours made my day even better. For the first time, I decided to clear up my room. Which never happens in reality. Trust me. It is never easy to accept. Cleaning up your own room can be the hardest job if you belong to my category. I had never done something like this all my life. But all of a sudden I felt an intense urge to clear up everything. And I began to collect the bags and books which are scattered all over the room. It's been nearly close to 3 months since the maid water washed the flooring.

Let me tell you, This can never be a wonderful experience but surely falls into the category of awful experiences that you ever had in life. The beginning was actually tough. I have found it too hard to clear up everything in the first place. Believe me, it took me nearly 45 minutes to collect the stuff that was on the floor. It was that difficult. 

And then, with broomstick in my hand I have found myself funny in the small mirror that we have for 2 in a room. I did try hard. And my back started to hurt. It was the time I realized about housekeeping is said easier than done. I wish to give a big round of applause to every housekeeper. They do a fab job. 

The next 2 hours has been hectic. I did water wash the marble flooring but it didn't give me a satisfactory look. Even after water washing it looked dirty. Huh. What to do now? I did try to think a lot. 

After 5 good minutes. I repeated the same procedure. Water washed again all over the room with a stick that has a kind of cloth at the other end. I don't even know what people call that. It was a handy tool to make things work. Finally, the efforts are being paid off. I can sense a change in the look as I did the same for 2 more times and declared! 

Now, the floor looks awesome. And the room has got a new look. I have arranged all my books in a proper order which gives a heavenly feel. 

It's not that a movie gives you happiness. It's all about doing it with love. Love what you do. And do what you Love. Life is simple. You get to live once. Live it to the fullest. Never compromise if you believe in something. Give it a TRY. You shall succeed with flying colors.  

 Genuine Happiness Comes From Real Hard Work.  

If you are reading this one, I expect you to comment what you think. For me, comments is what mattered the most. I hope the first person does and rest will follow the suite. 

With Love, 


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