Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life After Transition

The mornings are a bit hectic at work and the evenings will certainly make me realize that I just had few hours left in hand to get back to work the next morning! It was all happening to me for the last 60 days. To be precise, this is an entirely new phase that I am experiencing as I never thought I would be employed taking the current situations in to considerations. I am Glad! I have got one. 

It's been almost 2 months since I paid a visit to my blog even though I constantly check with the numbers that change very rapidly during those times when I was consistent. But now, you see I had to offer my services to the company I work. And that's what created this gap. And today, I am back again in process of filling up those gaps. I wish those gaps will never appear here after. 

Writing for my blog after long time feels great actually. Here, I don't really have to worry about the concepts I need to cover, the title I need to choose, the Focus keyword that defines my position in the Search Engines, The internal and external links that I need to plan, The meta description that I need to frame. There is nothing as such. Here, I can be myself. I can write what my heart says. I can pen down my anguish in the best way possible.

I don't really want to make this particular blog post a boring one for the readers coming in after a long gap. So I just wanted to make this one pretty simple. The transformation from a shapeless life to a meaningful journey is what defines my life. I have been hearing the same from my school pals as well. I don't understand what makes the difference. I blurt out everything on Facebook and Twitter is what make them say. But there is life beyond Facebook and Twitter. I don't blurt everything out. I have some things for myself. 

At office I do whole lot of research before I write on one particular topic. Goal is that I need to produce best content among the others. I always wanted to compete with 'Mashable' which is one of the TOP technology site ranked some 224 according to Alexa. I did try to reach there. News articles is what makes me excited! And fortunately I have taken on Mashable, technical wise which is never so easy for me. And Guess what?! Task accomplished! 

Meanwhile, This has come my way! Totally out of the blue. I am not sure if I will get this again. But happy that I have already one under my belt. "Best Employee of the Month - August, 2013" 

And I would like to share a few pictures that were randomly clicked during our first outing to Barbeque Nation. If you are a non-veggie, then it's going to be an absolute feast for you! But Veggies, be prepared for some unexpected grilled stuff that comes your way! 

Well, let me tell you! The above grills are 100% veg. It was my grill that I have managed to click. :-) 

Pastery was supposed to be heavenly dessert anywhere you Go. But having Awesome Vanila Ice-cream with Hot Hot Jamun's made it simply delicious. 

Weekends vanish without a trace. And here, I would like to add up another yummy foodie which I have tried for the very first time. And I must say that it isn't that bad like people known to me said earlier. It was beyond okay. :-) 

Wow! 'Momo' with 4 different shades that comes as a combo. Not costly though.   

And Finally! Before I end up with this post. I have got something more for you! 

That awkward moment when people start liking my new look rather than commenting. Tried for the very first time and I don't think it's that bad! And even people didn't find it awful. I'm happy for that! I have now got used to this. :-) Planning to try different styles in future. 

Will come up with another post very soon. Hope you didn't get bored with reading this post. If you have anything to say! Please let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear from you! Else, it would be like I am talking to myself or to the walls behind me. So, comment your views and let me know that you actually read! 


  1. even though i am not working .. i have been facing these from two odd years , its like suddenly the whole world is pushing you and building the pressure to deliver the perfect baby ever


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