Monday, December 9, 2013

"That One Wish"

Birthdays are never ever going to be the same no matter where ever you are or whatever you do. For me it always gives a sinking feeling about life. I am not sure if that will do any good to me or not, but I always find myself being questioned like "What good have you done?" "Does your existence really matter?". I remain silent for a while. 

I am no different person when compared to people around me. My activities are quite so similar to others except the way I look at things. I look at big things and people look at small things. Uh! No. Let me put that in a better way. I don't allow my self to be complacent. I look for happiness in achieving big things while people around me find happiness in adjustments and get complacent with what they have. I have had long lasting arguments with my close friends regarding this particular topic and we always end up on a different note. It gives me a feel that friends are making me to understand something which I am not going to give it away so easily. I love adjustments. But, I hardly display. We all have patience. 

This 22nd birthday has kept discomforting me for more than a week. Even though, I have had expectations about having a better day, I am more worried about that "one wish I have been longing for" all these months. "That one wish" means the world to me. "That one wish" that motivates me. "That one wish" that brings a smile to my face. "That one wish" that I am more worried about. "That one wish" I wanted to be the first one. 

Life is all about experiencing the unexpected. What if "That One wish" didn't really turn up? What if "That one wish" comes to you very late? What if "That one wish" forget about your existence? That brings Jitters to me. 

I began to think in negative aspect and have prepared myself for the day. By Dec 4th evening I have made up my mind in such a way that I have nothing to worry about. It's just going to be another day in my life. Celebrations? Why for? I felt lost and depressed. 

At night I was watching this video by "Ink Talks" where Varun Agarwal had said his story in 10 minutes. I was wondering if I could reach him by any means. To be precise, I have been part of Varun Agarwal's session during Chennai Literature Fest and felt so good to have him beside me. Where he walked up to me and asked me if he could sit in seat that was left empty right next to me. I felt particularly good at that time. We have somethings in common. I look at the life in the same way Varun does. 

It's when the first call has come. It was a friend from school and she was delighted to wish me first. But, Unfortunately I am not happy at all. I don't want this particular call to come at this point of time. I would have felt so good if that has come a little while later. At least after "That One Wish"'s call. But, I can't ignore the first wish. After all, friends do wish us with lots of love. I did try to hide my inhibitions but failed by a huge margin. I sounded too low which I can even sense but have no control over it. 

Just as the way I said, Life is all about experiencing the unexpected happenings I did get "That One Wish" sharp at 12. I am left dumbfounded. I realized this could be the defining moment of my life. "That One wish" has given me tonnes of happiness. "That one wish" has given me loads of confidence. "That one wish" has made my day a memorable one.  

Things never happen according to our wish. Same way, Somethings are never meant to be ours. Every passing day will leave a void between us. For me, the end was predictable. But, I wish all comes with peace. 

I am leaving with some memories this birthday has given me. 

Dipen Ambalia, The only recognized Author who believed in me and extended his support. He is always a great man who is capable of making people laugh with is humor. I so much respect him for what he is. 

Gayatri Aptekar a.k.a Gayu! My source of inspiration these days. Her writing teaches me a lot. She is so good at writing and her blogs says it all. Came to know that she is working on her debut fiction and I am so sure about the book doing well in the market. My best wishes Gayu!

Mr. Satish Shenoy, This man I can never forget for lifetime. A foodie lover, great father, proud partner and also the editor and first reviewer for all Preeti Shenoy's books. He never calls me by my name. And you can see that in his wishes too.

Guess who wished me on Facebook. I didn't expect this one to come. But it has come from the real lady. That indeed made my day.

I did try to follow her steps in some ways. Like, Signing books "With Love" I tried thanking friends "With Love" I personally thanked everyone who posted wishes on my timeline. And it took me 1 hour 50 minutes to do that. But the feeling that you get is worth it.

Karachi Biscuits are always the best according to my knowledge. I recommend you to try them once. You will love it.

Dinner at "The Rock" Theme Restaurant. Delicious Veg Sizzlers.

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Ended with Sizzling Brownie! :-)

My day started with "That One Wish" and fortunately ended with the same wish. Those environment friendly gifts had now become my sentiment. I have made sure that, where ever I go, I take them along with me. They remind me of happiness. My love for you is eternal.

Now, I will be waiting for the next year for the same moment to come. Because, sometimes waiting keeps you exciting.

"My life is hard to understand and difficult to solve."  - Jayanth Majety   


  1. good going....jay...i loved d way u started....u have a bright future in dis...keep u din't say who's wish is d forst...i did wished u sharp by 12... :(

  2. Thank you so much Priyanka :-) Your message got delivered to me by 11:58 PM itself. :) But a wish is always a wish :-)

  3. Wishes are special Jay and when it comes from someone very very special...they become evern more special:) I am curious to know what was going on in your mind, when you wrote this post, if you wish to, you may share it with me@ I am touched to know that I inspire you.
    I believe we all inspire each other, in our own ways, in the little things that we do:)
    Life is a very beautiful journey and whoever said its gonna be easy, never lived to the fullest. So accept the challenges and find new ways to knock doors and trust me, oppurtunities will manifest in front of you!!!
    You seem to have had some yummy food and the Brownie looks tempting...:D You know I am a total foodie..:D
    Take care buddy and do write to me!


    1. Yes it does :-) For me, that's the real happiness. "That one wish" coming at the right time made my day! I wonder how my life would be without that special person. And you know what? In that confused state of mind I tend to think more and start to write :-) :-) Okay, I have something to share with you. Need your inputs. I will mail you everything in detail :-) Lets communicate over mails. Thank you for reading me Gayu :-)


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