Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Annaya.

You had been with me all the time. All through these 21 years. You are considered to be the BEST when people compare you with me. You did reasonably well at academics and also played a handy role at sports. I always tried hard to reach close to you but failed all the time. But that never bothered me because I always feel like you are leading me from the front. Happy with the fact that you are ahead of me always. 

I'm much into relations these days. Found some love with family relations, siblings and what not?! Joint family is something which makes me feel exciting. Guess I will certainly fall for one who comes from a BIG family. It's going to be all fun. 

The last post I made up was about siblings and this one is about my own sibling. So far I blogged about dad, mom, friends but never ever mentioned about him. Okay. I decided to fill the gap right here. And you know what?! It's his birthday today. What a co-incidence. We had certainly rules that we strictly follow for birthdays. And you will be knowing it in detail while reading this post further. 

May 4th 2013:

11:30PM: I was busy texting to a friend of mine and was having a kind of ok-ok conversation and I suddenly realized that I still have 30mins more to wish my brother a wonderful happy birthday. 

I was saying to my friend about my brother in the mean time and waiting for the clock to hit 12. Sometimes It's hard to pass a min when you badly wanted that to happen. Finally the time has come. It's 5th May 12AM sharp. 

12:01AM: Happy Birthday Annaya!! :) 

I wished him via Text message. It's not that he is out of Country and all that. He lives in Hyderabad. I can make a call and wish. But I didn't do that. I never wanted to do that anyway. 

12:02AM: A big Gift has already come. Thanks a lot!!! :* 

Reply came from the other end. Rocket speed!! That message certainly means a lot to me. 

I see people celebrating their birthdays in the best way possible. They are with family and friends all the day. Cakes distributed, Sweets passed, parties been paid on a large scale. People around them will make it happen. They celebrate your birthday just to make you understand that they are with you always. 

If you ask me of birthdays?! What it feels like celebrating one?! I always reply in a single point. Birthday's must be simple. I mean all my birthdays so far are very simple. I can still remember I cried for my last two birthdays for no particular reason.

I'm happy that my brother gets sync with me in this particular section. Our ways are way different. I always hang out with friends where as he prefers to stay home. He is responsible and I'm not. He is so good at using a gadget and I'm not. He is passionate about working for some BIG Multi National Company. He always wanted to be a Software Engineer by Profession. And now he is. 

We used to fight over small things in life. This was his 2nd birthday away home. I'm happy that he is away. You get to know the value of people when they are away from you. When it comes to my brother we make good siblings when we stay away. Not too far away. Must be within the reach. 

Finally a few points I would like to make up before I end up with this post. 

1. I went a bit emotional when you gave me a 500/- rupee note when you first received your salary. 

2. Happy with the way you changed yourself from being arrogant to a responsible human being. 

3. You always wanted me to be responsible. I must say I'm working hard on it. 

4. You always use a different kind of vocab while updating a status. There is a kinda style in it. 

5. You have a passion of owing a MacBook Pro but having no enough bucks with you. I wish I would wanted to give you one had I got a job by now.

6. I hope you are happy with reading my blog. 

We have struggled for the last 21 years. Be it financial troubles or academic failures. We hardly had best times to cherish. I guess the days had just begun. It's time to payoff. 

I always had one thing in mind. If we two join hands together we can create some wonders. It's a matter of two brains. I always wanted to achieve something BIG in life irrespective of the way other people look at it and so you are the one in such similar manner. I hope you achieve terrific heights in LIFE. 


Once again wishing you a wonderful Happy Birthday!! 

Love you lots!!


  1. Nice one Jayanth... so lovely...

  2. felt very good reading this post jay....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Lovely !!! Shows the love and affection you have for your bro... I guess this might be a memorable gift for him from ur side...

    Happy Bday to ur Annaiyah!!! :) :P

  5. Thankyou so much for the immense love towards me where we never showed up in the past 21 years either. And I agree with your point if time persists we join our hands together not to create wonders but to stay tight. That itself creates a wonder that creates. a BIG hug for everything. Thank you alot for everything. Lodsa Love ♥♥♥

  6. Very nice n loving my dear brother...
    Very touching post Jayanth...
    Seriously a superb gift to Jaswanth on his birthday..
    We always think on what to give ? ? what to give ? ? but a sweet n lovely gift forever is this....
    Expressing Love, care & respect in such a lovely ..tooo guddd...
    Love you brothers...Chaitanya, Jaswanth & my little but very creative bro Jayanth....<3 <3 <3

  7. its realy nice jay..
    anyway belated happy birthday 2 ur bro Jaswanth Majety!!
    Jaswanth Majety>>think so, im the last one 2 wish u a happy birthday! but
    anyway hope your special day was as wonderful as u are!!


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