Sunday, June 16, 2013

Know who you are?!

Now that I have prepared myself to be out of social networking and blogging for a while I realized what life is all about. It's not just limited to Facebook, Twitter, and what's app on android mobiles. It's way beyond that. There is a LOT to learn and a lot more to achieve. 

You tend to start observing things around you when you start to live on your own and without any dependency. It's totally so new for me to live alone. I'm always with my family for the last 21 years and now it's time for a change. I decided to live life on my own terms. 

Life after Graduation is always going to be tough when you fail to get a Job. There will be people who gives you an advise for free of cost. For God sake never ever listen to them. They will surely wanted you to get settled at a below par pay. 

There are two kinds of people in India. Let me name them as a Rahul and a Non-Rahul. 

Note: The idea of Rahul and Non-Rahul was from "Dipen Ambalia" He used them in his two books. LOSER and TBNTB both are now a run away best sellers. 

A Rahul: Rahul is a crazy guy. He loves to play games on PS3. Hangs out with friends. Watches hell lot of movies. Makes fun when girls are around. In less than a year he will be in a relationship. Makes love. Spend some useful time with her. Will make some amendments to his own life. Not so cared about carrier. Having rich dad's is not so a crime. So he can join his dad's business once he is done with his 4 years of Graduation. He consider it to be a warm-up before getting into hectic business that follows. 

A Non-Rahul: Rahul and Non-Rahul are inversely proportional to each other. A Non-Rahul is quite studious. He cares about his life. Always wanted to achieve something in life. Never understands the concept of being in love. Attends every lecture. He is someone who is close to perfect. Girls hardly cares about Non-Rahul's. So life of a Non-Rahul was way different from Rahul. 

If you ask me who you are?! I say. I have an equal share as a Rahul and as a Non-Rahul. There are some things in common. When it comes to Love. I realized it's not my cup of tea anymore. I consider myself to be never lucky when it comes to love. So that makes a difference. Yes. It does. You never have to go behind something which is not going to be yours. That's why realize what is yours. Which is within your reach. Find that. Go with that. Trust me you will feel better.

Now that I have illustrated a Rahul and Non-Rahul it's your part to realize where you belong to. Know your true place in life. Act accordingly. Master the art of being what you are. There is Just one life. Live it king size.

Note: I started writing this post keeping one idea in mind and once after finishing the post I took a quick read and then realized what I have made was quite different from what I actually wanted to write. I must have lost in touch with writing. I hope the above post isn't that bad. After all it's good to know who you are?! Isn't it?!

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  1. wat u said is good...n true...even i'm a mixture of both rahul n non rahul....:P


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