Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happiest Siblings Ever.

Before I could say anything about the happiest siblings I would like to yell out of my heart for not being so consistent in blogging for the last 30 days. The scenario is worst compared to the last 10months. A part of me always having something to say and that's the only reason why I'm into blogging. I'm not here to make money, I'm not here to criticize anyone. I'm here just to pen down what my heart says and I'm happy with the fact that there are some really nice people who are writing back to me saying I'm doing a fine job. 

When someone asks me about "What kind of impact can siblings create in your life?!" 

I say, Firstly you will never feel lonely. Second, You can share anything you want to which you can't possibly do with your friends or your parents. Third, You fight with them over small things. Fourth, You never wanted be separated! (The above four reasons are applied for the ones who love their sibling(s). There are some who keeps on fighting all their life-time) 

Flabbergasted to find one such great siblings in life-time. It's a dear friend of mine. She is so very happy to have an elder sister in her life and when she says about her sister she means the world to her. In simple words it's called the PUREST form of LOVE. Not many are blessed to experience this kind of love in their life. But some do. I'm happy it's my friend who is always showered with all the love from her sibling.

And I always feel sorry for girls in particular when it comes to relations and family. The ratios are different compared to men. Life of a women is way different from men. Things aren't the same before a girl gets married and after getting married. There will be boundaries and limits for everything once after getting married. A girl is not supposed to visit her own house, her own parents, her own people when ever she wanted to. She needs to be given a NOD from her in-laws and her husband on top. I seriously don't understand why women have so many such restrictions. 

Under such circumstances I find Ankita and priya remain the bestest of siblings ever. Ankita is a friend of mine and Priya is her sweet sister. I never thought I would get such close to Ankita in less time. She is usually sweet and lovely all the time. Last 20 days will certainly be the best days for me. I got to know much about Ankita and her sweet sister Priya. Needless to say I have developed a huge crush on Ankita already! Haha. I must say it's Inevitable. I mean it's hard to find people like Ankita and priya these days. At times I feel like they are old fashioned. But they are NOT. They never wanted to lose their best quality. It's spreading LOVE with no selfish thoughts.

Coming to Priya the sweet sister of Ankita. We met only once. It's when Ankita introduced me and we hardly exchanged words in our first meeting. It was in the next couple of days where I had a conversation going with priya on phone which I cannot make up in my blog. It's personal. :D And then I got to know much of priya and Ankita. They don't have ego's to break. They are supportive all the time. I must say they are such lovely siblings. 

Things aren't rosy with these two all the time. Priya is now getting married and she will be leading her own life hereon. It's not that they are going to miss the best of times but they will surely find it difficult to go with. Things will not be as same as they were earlier. All Ankita could do is to wait for her time to come. I felt so touching when I had such a conversation with Priya earlier. Somewhere I had small urge of being part of their family. I'm so sure it's hard to find people like Ankita and Priya. They are simply the best. Keeping everything aside It's time to MOVE ON. 

Finally few lines to the Happiest Siblings Ever.

"Ankita and Priya I have learned a lot from you. Seriously there is a lot to be learned. You are gifted siblings. I wanted you to be the same as you are now. The way you both organize yourself was simply amazing! Hey Ankita! I had to say something for you. I had individual conversations with both of you and all I could figure out is Priya loves you like hell and I know you love priya with all your heart. So keep the momentum of love going all your life. Keep Smiling!! :)

 At last "I Love you both more than I do myself."  

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