Sunday, April 21, 2013

What It Feels like Being at Home?!

It's 11:30AM in the morning and in another 30mins time half of the day will be done and dusted! But I still find myself on not so comfortable bed and wanting to sleep for some more time. I feel a bit lazy and do not want to go outside. It's Scorching summer. So I prefer to stay home today as well.

At the other end mom was watching her favorite serials on TV and making arrangements for lunch. Yes. She is doing her job perfect!! I slowly move close to my desktop and play my favorite tracks on itunes and raise the volume to max. I feel that's the best way to start a day! As soon as mum hears to the songs being played on my desktop she realizes that I had decided to wake-up and she prepares herself to come in and starts prodding me to do the necessary daily needs and have a lite breakfast at least now. I feel so sorry for her sometimes. She takes whole lot of responsibility.

Once I'm done with all that I check with the fans and lights at home. Yes. I check with all that these days. Avadi is one heck area to live in. There is a huge scarcity of power supply particularly in this area and you can't really use anything other than TV. I seriously hate living in the area I currently live in. When everything goes well I make sometime to blog.

Aunty who lives next door comes in and asks "What ya Don't have college uh?!"

No Aunty. I'm almost done with my Graduation. I reply plainly.

Oh!! Okie. My brother's daughter studied in the same college and she got a job in some software company. You didn't get any?! She starts to enquire. 

Ahh! No. I'm not as smart as your brother's daughter. She must be a bookworm all these 4 years and she deserve to work for some company. I hit back. 

You need to study well ma. Don't sit simply. Help mum at least. She finishes. 

Yea sure Aunty. Mum is inside go get those chilli flakes. That's what you need na?! I tried to say but didn't.

I don't understand why these aunties hit out straight when they don't even know what they are talking about. They feel like they are the best analyzers in the mankind and they don't bother to say what they feel. 

I try hard to spend sometime reading newspaper but I don't find anything substantial these days. And once mum is ready with the lunch she starts screaming. 

Post lunch. It's time for slumber. A much needed 2 hour sleep. I can call it day-dreaming. You don't have to invest while dreaming. It's absolutely FREE! 

A call disrupts me while I'm dreaming online. It's a call from some close ones from mum side. They always call me to speak to mum. I don't know why. Hahaha Just because I use the common phone. 

Note: Don't dare to take the call if you have no such guts to answer what they had in stock for you. Remember close quarter relations are the biggest threat to people who were about to finish their Graduation and looking for a Job. They will surely sue you with whole set of questions which you can never ever answer in your lifetime. 

Hello?! I take the call and soon realizes that it's from someone whom I personally knew for so long time. 

Hi, Wassup?! No companies yet?! Inquires Aunty on phone. 

Here we Go!! These days people never give a damn of how good they are. They always wanted to know what others are up to. So without wasting much time they come to the point straight asking what's up with the companies. 

Quite a few companies paid a visit but I didn't get into any. I replied. 

Oh!! Okay. You must work hard. See your dad and mum wanted you to be in a good position. She starts the Ramayana Again. 

Ahh! Aunty I know all that. If I happened to crack any interview I will inform you in the first place. I replied with a harsh tone. 

And with that aunty will shift the topic and questions the whereabouts of mum as I handover the phone quick. 

Dad comes in the evening and starts inquiring what I did all through the day. He surely knows I did nothing other than day-dreaming and having an almost close encounter with the next door Aunt and close quarter aunt over my future plans. But he still wanted to know what I'm up to. 

I did nothing dad. Contemplating over my true place in life. I respond. 

Do something in life. Think of it. Dad ends with simple words this time. 

If you have read the above content you would surely find me as an irresponsible guy who is not so serious about life and wanted to spend half his lifetime staying at home. Isn't it?! Okay. You are right. Here is my version. Go! Read that quick. 

Listen it's so tough job to sit at home when yo have nothing to do. Mums and Aunties can turn violent anytime so just be AWARE. Hang out and explore the opportunities of living. 

As a 21 year young bloke I keep loitering between places. I love to travel. I keep reading stuff. I love writing. I introspect a lot. I Look at things different. I hardly wanted to stay at home. Being involved in the hectic schedule for the last 4 years I kept learning many things in life and witnessed some great moments and bad moments on an equal share. More than that I learned to live. I may not be so good at what people call it as academics in which they believe it gives you a happy life. I always wanted to do some BIG things in life and still in a process of getting close to that. I never thought I would find love with the books. I never thought I would write. But all that happened just because some people backed me and they find my writings appealing. 

Give the space first. Results will follow. 

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