Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prathik's 21'st B'day @ His Renovated Red hills Home.

Well, Obviously 23rd June would have been a special day as far as  Pradeep Kumar or Prathik's family is concerned. As he turned 21 on a weekend Saturday. He made hell lot of preparations for his b'day while his close mates at work are busy to gift him something he would love to carry with him.

 As days passing dry with semester holidays he decided to invite quite a few friends who are close to him at that point of time for lunch. Fortunately I'm one of them.

We were all set to make an arrival to his home except one friend dropping himself as he was supposed to make his presence with his family at a local Temple.

Nirmal a good friend of mine and me Started off to Red hills in a Ultra Deluxe Bus where your Money can be Seized so quickly for less distance you are going travel. Once we Reached Red hills we had to share an auto to Padi Nallur to reach his home. Luckily we got an auto and got down at Padi Nallur.

And this B'day guy came to Receive us in a New Tata Nano which was owned by his Friend Arivezhil Narayana who is currently working in IBM as Senior Software Analyst. These two blokes gave us a stunning welcome and we rooted back to Red hills main Road to Receive another guest cum Friend of the Day Stephen (Only Guy in our crew to clear all subjects so far)

Chennai is a place where you have to bear at least an hour on scorching heat of summer. So we are left with 20mins than scheduled time for power resume at Red hills area. We then took a drive to "Just Relax" where the entire premisses is covered with Trees and Flower plants and Aquarium containing Varied Fishes as well.

Time passed Quickly as we made our way back to home in Nano which can be called as an Auto with In-build Air Conditioner.

Prathik's parents are too good to receive us as they welcomed us in Local Language (Tamil) Where I could sense a strange Difference than Routine.

Here is the snap of newly renovated House.

Her mother being so kind to all of us suggested to take lunch first and have the fun session later. I could clearly understand the intention showed by them as they think its too late already.

Here Starts the Real Collision: Basically, There is a lot difference in Food sections between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. People here at Chennai would love to have curries with Sambar where as Telugu people consider Sambar as one particular dish and used to have curries with plain rice. It really showed a drastic effect on me as i was totally confused by the way they prepared curries as "Side dish" for Sambar. That sounded little Strange to me. And surprised to see Papads as optional side dish where Telugu people take it as Mandatory side dish for sambar or any other liquid stuffs.

Finally Done with Lunch. Her mother is an expert in Sambar Making. Just Loved it.

Here comes the Photo session where we went on crazy with some Hilarious clicks.

We really had some great time playing indoor games after so long time which included "Caroms" The Best Game for Ages.

Individual pic of mine with the B'day Boy.

After some quick tie in Caroms he went busy with the arrival of his relatives and they got him a chocolate cake with all smiles sparkling.

Ummmmmmmmm!! That Choco Filled Cake was really Yummy. You people must be having a piece too.

And his Friend "Abu" who missed The Special Lunch at noon came at Evening and surprised him with a Brand New Fastrack watch and a wallet.

He received a combo from "Abu" which contained a Fastrack, Wallet, and a creamy cake.

Here are the Pics

Probably 3rd Cake of the day I guess.

Arivezhil Narayana who's heights of creativity came into rescue by holding the top cover of the heavy glass which made them hold simply for a perfect click.

Finally surrounded with Gifts of the day.

That's the end of Super Saturday. And we all backed to home by the night.

Wishing You once again a very Happy B'day Jacky.

I admit that this is my first day at Blogger and its my First Blog Too. :) :)

Suggestions are Most Welcomed :) :)

Thank You :)


  1. J your's summary of the yesterday is like short trailer about yesterdays ....happie about thinking the travel to red hills,Nursery in red hills and travel with all of us in Ariv anna NANO ...greeting of PRADIP's Family and Carom match we win u ......But kaju na missed it ,any ways all of us where delighted and happy and well always be like these

  2. Wow what a great ineradicable Blog which holds each and every moment ... Great Work Jay and Team ....

  3. It was really complete blast on ma b'day...Had nice time wit ma frndz Nirmal Kumar, Jayanth Majety, Stephen Smith, Arivezhil Narayana, Abdul, it was full of fun & frolic. special thank to jayanth as he did some gud work wit his creative mind. sry da now only got time to read all your words..simply superb. Thank u once again :) :) :)


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