Monday, July 7, 2014

Updates-From-My-End Kind of Post (TFIOS Review Included)

So, you may ask me where the hell I am these days and where in the world I live in the promise of blog marathon which I have started a month ago. Perhaps, I am not even sure of the date I have published the last one while I am writing the current post. It's been quite a long time I must say. Can't say it to be a writers block. But it just happened. 

This post has nothing to do with the blog marathon which I consider as an utter failure. Anyway, I prefer not to think about it anymore. But this one is all about the latest happenings in my life. 

Life is always going to be tough. And I let it be that way for some reasons. You wish to have some people in your life, but they opt to be out of it forever. And you just simply can't do anything with that. After all, You are a choice which you can't make. But they can. Always. 

It's been close to 4 months and I feel it's pretty okay to be that way. Getting over is something I still can't figure it out. May be, Pain demands to be felt. Simple as that. 

Apart from that single fiasco, everything seems to be going grand as of now. Even though they aren't much to brag about. I find this guy to be exciting in the next few months to come. I have this friend who came from nowhere and landed right into my room. We have been friends from kindergarten. parted ways some 15 years back and now back in the same city and sharing the same room. Must be an exciting combination I thought. 

This guy. Ananth Ram. We can call him by various names. For instance, BITS Fame or an Artist. He is very much into these drawing stuff. A perfect guy under difficult circumstances. We have got some plans to implement and I am sure there are a lot of surprises coming in, if everything goes as planned. Facing two typical's can sometimes be a little tough. I am trying to be typical this time. What say? 

And when I look at the center part of my life, I see this writing thing which is not going as good as I wanted it to be. I am basically into this technical writing these days and I am not sure if I still have this fiction angle in me which I have lost track a long back. I wish I could write more. I wish I could work more. 

My job is a pretty cool one. Thanks to my bosses for paying me for what I write. There is a lot to learn as far marketing is concerned which I am finding it pretty interesting these days. And that SEO thing. Splendid. 

Reading books got gradually decreased in the last few months. I hardly read any book in the last quarter. But I have got enough books in stock. And that feeling is just so good. It gives me strength. Or at least I take it that way. But I have also came across this book called "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. The cover and description is just so encouraging and I can't resist myself from purchasing it. And so I did. It was just so amazing. Half read though. 

"The Fault in our Stars" has finally released in India and I have watched it this weekend. I must admit, the movie was just awesome. Every frame, every scene. I am so much involved in it. Best movie in the recent times. 

If you are really concerned about being healthy and how it feels like not being healthy. Watch this movie in theaters near you. It's going to enlighten you for sure. 

You know, being healthy is a blessing. Those characters still revolving around in my mind. "Augustus Waters, Hazel Grace Lancaster and not to forget, this Issac. They are amazing people."  

PS: If you have read this post till the end, please take some time of yours and comment your views in the comment section. I'd prefer comments over likes. That's what keeps me motivating.



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