Saturday, July 26, 2014

From The Past To The Present - My Perspectives Towards Life

Well, finally I have managed to get some time to update my blog. The last title I have come up with is “Happenings from my end kind of post” which happened to be the first post in the last 2 months. What started as a regular blog has now reached to a phase where I am updating my blog once in two months. I have been trying hard to keep this space updated but the way I see, there is no proper time.

Today, I have come here on a purpose. I am being challenged on a regular basis. I am told that I hold no importance to people and I also hold no importance to relations. Well, I can dig deep into this, but let me put it simple and clear.

Life teaches you lot many things. You learn to lead your life based on your past experiences. You have a different perspective towards life. But your perspective towards life may not be the same with others. And so are the priorities.

I had a past. A past that has a very little to cherish. A life of a typical below middle classed guy who doesn't give a damn about anything. Sleeps on terrace during summers and stare towards the dark sky dreaming of something that is far from reality. Watching planes disappear into the clouds is his favorite observation. The idea of reaching somewhere close to an airport itself is an achievement back in those days.

I have absolutely no idea of where my life is heading to.

2 years down the line. I was waiting at Gate 5 of Chennai Domestic Terminal waiting to Board my maiden Air Asia flight to Bangalore. Believe me, that very moment I have realized how my life has changed. I have traveled in Indigo before this one. The first time I stepped into an airbus on April 4th 2014. I have experienced Goosebumps. The cabin crew like in the movies took me by surprise. I really loved these air travels. I don’t think there is anything more luxurious than air travel. I am happy that I have managed to experience an air travel.

Time flies by. When I look back today, I see the past sufferings. I see the amount of struggle mom and dad had faced. I remember the days when I was on roads. I remember that critical moment of time when I was left with no choice and when I had no place to live. Believe it or not, I was on roads with my luggage for 8 hours on a sunny day having no idea of where to go. I was left with no choice.

And I felt lost.

Everything in which I believed collapsed right just there.

And it’s when I started to think.

And then, there is no look back.

There isn’t much I have done to my life ever since I started thinking. It’s the choices that I have made to my life. At some point of time, everyone will have the opportunity to take some serious decisions and you need to get them right. Fortunately I have got them a little right. I have started not to think about what people had to say. I have started not to look after any relations except mom and dad. I have ignored everything for some period of time. I have made my own decisions and I have decided this is how my life is going to be.

There are people who come against your wish. But you need to be strong enough. You need to back yourself and stick on to what you believe. Keeping yourself away from relations for some period of time is very much okay. It’s your life and you are the one who has to rule. Try changing your attitude and work towards progress.

I have got a few points to people who wish to see a change in their life.

And voila!

1. Never ever give a damn about what people think.
2  Do what you love and love what you do.
3. Realize the importance of life.
4.There is a magic in life. Try experiencing it.
5.You are here for a purpose. So, better know your purpose. 
      6.There is no one else who can judge you better than you.
      7.It’s your life. You need to take the decisions. Not the third person.
      8.Try to think out of the box.
      9.Get out of your comfort zone.
    10.Keep yourself updated all the time.
    11.Gadgets are addictive. Stay away from them. 
    12.Make a habit of reading. It’s when you get into the right direction.
    13.Interact with people.      
    14.Eat good food. I have seen people who don’t invest much on food. That really wonders me.
    15.And finally, Live life to the fullest. You never know what tomorrow had in stock for you.

Well, these are the points I can make out as of now. I have followed most of the points and that is the reason why I am sharing this to you. I may have lacked a bit when it comes to interacting with people. But I am sure I will come well in future.

I hope this post of mine will help you prosper.




  1. Highly philosophical sounded a bit old...but that sense of sounding older is a good its the maturity you've imbibed with in yourself...good going...jay..Good luck...

    1. Thank you so much Priyanka. You have always been there. First one to read and first one to comment. I always take your inputs. Thank you.


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