Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bangalore Literature Fest 2014

I have this habit of checking the total number of pageviews I have got for my blog at least once in a while even though I haven't written much in the recent times. Maybe, it's the time thing that kept me away from blogging. But I have always made an excuse to myself for not being consistent at blogging. I never thought I would become so lazy even with the works that I love to do all the time. I felt ashamed. Seriously ashamed. Well, it's not that I don't feel ashamed. I feel ashamed at least once in a week or may be twice in a week. Who knows. So, after getting over it, I also had a word about consistency with my blogger friend 'Gayatri Aptekar' at an event in Bangalore. Its a different story and you will get to know all about in detail while you come along with me in this post. 

Life has been good. The most happiest feeling is that I have nothing much to regret in the last 4 months or so. Which means I have started living life to the fullest. As far as my life is concerned, there aren't any limitations as of now. Even though I do think about a few responsibilities, I have reached to a stage where I can face it all with courage. Everytime I make sure, I get prepared for the worse. I have developed this habit of setting up Plan A and Plan B for everything in my life. Just in case if Plan A goes down. I have this plan B with me which will be working fine against all odds. And once again life has been good. 

When life is all going good, Interestingly, I have raised this doubt among my friends about my current location. There are at times where my friends have failed to book a movie ticket for me considering that I am still in Bangalore and haven't reached Chennai yet. So, instead of people asking me 'How are you?' They started asking me 'Where are you?' 

I find it rather interesting to answer. But I do. Politely. 

It's more because of the Bangalore visits that I am doing for the last 3 months. 

So, it was the time, there is a Literature Fest happening in Bangalore and I wonder why Bangalore is good and better than Chennai. (So good and better is only limited to the climate and culture which I loved so much about Bangalore) and it was the same period of time where, I once again have to take a chance and decide whether should I be making to it or not. And it was the time 'Gayatri Aptekar' my blogger friend, forthcoming author, NLP Master, Dancer, Singer and what not? I will run short of words if I have to describe her. A super active women one can call her. 

We have made our plans and are all set to go for the Bangalore Literature Fest 2014. A place for like-minded people. My 2nd Literature Fest to be exact. Before this one I have attended Chennai Literature Fest which has nothing but surprises.  

Varun Agarawal coming up to me and asking if he can have a seat beside me?

It happened. And that's crazy ! 

But here, in the Bangalore Literature Fest, nothing of that sort happened thankfully. But, I am surprised by the way Preeti Shenoy recognized me. How can she? I thought to myself. One among the Forbes Most Influential People in India recognize me by my name? 

I had never anticipated for that in my dreams. 

They are nice people. I can understand. 

I have also met Satish Shenoy. The smarty hubby of Preeti Shenoy. They both look so adorable and everyone knows that. 

I wish I carried a brand new Pickle for the couple to taste once after they leave home for lunch. As far as I remember, Satish is so fond of pickles and is a full foodie. And it is obvious that I never miss out on his food updates. 

Preeti Shenoy's event ended with a huge applaud. We all just loved it. They spoke about relations and love. I so much lag at maintaining relations. And I am trying to work on it for better. And this one helped ! 

There are 3 different stages with 3 different sessions happening at a same time. One has to run here and there to catch up with their favorite author's session. Once after every session there is a book signing session where readers can interact with Authors directly. Selfies are very much allowed. There are a lot of people who might have come just for Selfies so that they can put them up on Facebook for more likes and comments. *Show-off* 

But I don't fall into this show-off category for today. Coz, I have got no selfie to upload. Except my own selfie which makes not much of a sense. 

Also also this one with a friend of mine. 

Priyanka, who always stood by me when it comes to writing. And there is this girl named 'Veena' a school friend that I failed to recognize after 15 years. But it felt good when she remembered me. 

And there is this guy's session that I loved the most. 'Sidin Vadukut' is a master of humor. Infact, very good at humor. The gestures are the best part. *Show-Off* is the best word. 

'Sidin Vadukut' - The Man in Blue !

He is not ashamed of anything. He always makes his point straight. And I just simply loved that. I so wish to follow his path for the rest. And I have decided. 

So, I had some good food in the meanwhile. There is this Fried rice which looked lot better than it's taste. I have realized not to get tempted after seeing babycorns hereafter. Who knows, they are not well cooked. 

So, final session of Day 3 I have attended is 'The Entrepreneurship in India' being in Bangalore, The Entrepreneur hub of India, I have got to know the better of ideas from the person which I admire the most. 'Mohandas Pai' (Former Director of Infosys) in the panel with some really good entrepreneurs. The event did go well and I have enjoyed until it started raining. 

The man with a thick beard - Mohandas Pai. 

You see, Bangalore rains are so good. I loved them. Again and again. 

And once after we got settled down under a huge tree, we got indulged into a really wonderful conversation. A conversation for which I have been waiting for a long time now. It is the only way for me to know people better. 45 minutes after the conversation started, I felt really impressed. 

I have met some really wonderful people. I thought to myself and started smiling for the pics wearing a genuine smile. 

Also, I can't forget to mention, there is this guy named 'Sachin Prabhu' who reads everything that I write. A future software professional and a very good artist and super good photographer. Couldn't believe that he clicks most of the master pictures using his Nokia 720. He could actually be the promoting head for Nokia's Indian division sales. Trust me. he is that good. 

It was so nice meeting Sachin in person. I observed him to be a bit uncomfortable with the whole concept of literature fest and his presence over there or may be as he said he couldn't believe his stars as he finally managed to meet his favorite Author 'Preeti Shenoy'. 

He was excited. 

And also not to forget 'Ms. Prema' college friend of 'Gayatri Aptekar'. I have found her less talkative when compared to Gayatri. She is a good listener just like me. (I am a good listener until I take control of others). 

Book signing Area !

For Foodies like me ;) You can get a glass of beer too.

Back in the hotel it was so much of fun. Had food together. Discussed few things. Gayatri passed on some humorous stuff which I so much liked. 

I wish I could find some humor in me. You see, I am always being the same old guy. Not much of fun. A boring guy is what some people say which I don't really find it wrong. To be frank, I am boring in some ways. And I admit that. 

When the clock in my room ticked 9:45PM I thought it's time for me to leave. Got my bags packed and rushed out of the room in quick time. It was time for me to bid a good-bye-for-now to Gayatri and her super cool friend 'Prema' as they accompanied me to the outside door. Gayatri has or had written something for me in a paper that sounded so nice to me. I placed it carefully in my backpack and got up to leave. Gayatri did bid a bye to me in her own style. English types or the corporate types. I thought. 

As the time in my watch showed 12:25AM (29th Septemeber) I have already reached Majestic Bus Stand from where I need to take a direct bus to Kempegowda International Airport for my early morning flight to Chennai. 

The moment I reached Airport, it is pouring down so heavily. I once again loved the Bangalore rains. For the rest of 4 hours, it's all about 'Only Time Will Tell' by Jeffery Archer with super hot lemon Tea and a mixture of slow beat and fast beat songs running continuously on my iPod Touch. And that moment, I thought it's the life. Living life to the fullest. 

Before I entered into the Airport for security check and boarding, I came back on to the road, took a deep breath and looked up into the sky that is covered with thick clouds and wishpered.

Thank you so much Bengaluru for the wonderful time. All these memories are for a life time. 


  1. Omg such a wonderful post ✉�� u even covered things on which I missed out. Yea I was so excited n abt Nokia yes I luv my mobile n clickin pics �� tnq for mention �� I really had great time meeting gayu di n u In person �� �� lots of luv ��❤

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